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Just What Is Coaching, Anyway?

One of the most frequently used – and yet poorly defined – terms in the entrepreneurial world these days is “coaching.”  You’ll hear lots of people describe themselves as a coach and you’ll hear a lot of people (myself included!) talking about the importance of having a coach.  But let’s take a step back and define what is coaching (and what it’s not) so we’re all on the same page! What is Coaching? Coaching is a process of helping someone discover and develop his or her unique abilities and gifts. The goal is to help improve performance in a specific area. It’s important to know that coaching is not counseling, though some coaches may help you dig into your past. However, it’s done with a specific purpose of helping you to identify and overcome things like limiting beliefs you have about your abilities. What is a Coaching Session Like? Thanks to the amazing technology at our fingertips, there can be some diversity of answers to the question, “what is coaching?” Once upon a time, you were pretty much limited to the coaches in your areas and their specific philosophies of coaching. Thanks to the internet, especially things like Skype, it’s possible to arrange a virtual meeting with a coach anywhere in the world!  No matter how the meeting is carried out, what a coaching session looks like is usually a very conversational, relaxed type of encounter. In these coaching conversations, the coach usually has the goal of helping the person… Read More

Have You Overlooked the Importance of Having a Coach?

What’s the fastest way to halt your business growth practically before you even get started?  Believe it or not, it’s not having a second set of eyes helping you to make wise decisions, help you set goals and keep you accountable with your progress. In other words, it’s overlooking the importance of having a coach.   It’s something that many people put off until they’re “making more money” in their business. Sadly, they don’t realize that they’re not likely to make that kind of money any time soon without investing in personal growth and working with a coach.  What’s the Importance of Having a Coach?  1. A coach will help you work on your business rather than in it When you’re starting a business, you might be tempted to try to do it all to cut costs. But once you fall into this trap, it’s tough to get yourself back out of it.  You’ll never grow your business beyond what you can accomplish yourself if you’re the only person who can do everything it takes to run your business. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  The importance of having a coach for this reason alone cannot be overstated. If you’re waiting to hire a coach until you get ahead, you’ll always be stuck being an employee in your own business rather than the visionary leader you need to be.  2. Having a coach will help you to be accountable for the goals you set Especially when you work… Read More

The Surprising Reason No One’s Buying Your Product or Service

Are you trying to convince people to buy your product or service by listing its features and benefits?  If so, there’s a good chance that this is exactly the reason that your content isn’t converting your visitors into buyers of your products and services.  Now – I know that sounds wrong, but let me explain.  The Reason You Should Never Simply List Your Product’s Features You’ve got this nifty new widget or widget service and you just know that if you give your prospect enough information about it, they’ll certainly want to buy it right now.  There’s just one problem with that assumption.  Very few people buy due to logic.  I’m serious!  Believe it or not, people (men and women) make their buying decisions primarily from an emotional standpoint, and then use logic to justify their buying decision.  Can you see the difference?  A list of features and benefits, while logical and thorough, doesn’t tap into the real thing that people are trying to buy from you. And that leads me to my next point.  Your Customers Aren’t Actually Interested In Buying Your Product I know – I’m starting to sound like this is a whole blog post full of contradictions! But your audience isn’t actually coming to you to find a product or a service.  They’re really interested in solving a problem. Curing some kind of “pain,” whether literal or metaphorical.  They’re coming to you so they can buy an end to their pain.  The sooner you realize this,… Read More