Why You’re Not Getting More Followers On Twitter


I love following new people on Twitter. I also love getting more followers on Twitter.  Contrary to what you might think after reading the title, I normally really enjoy the fact that Twitter allows me to connect with amazing new people.

But if you’re doing these seven things, chances are good that I won’t follow you.

I value my Twitter connections highly (along with my time). And these 7 things strongly suggest that you don’t do the same in return.  And as a result – I’m sorry to say – I won’t follow you.

1.    You have an egg as your profile picture

This screams that you’re a spammer. If you don’t have a picture of yourself (or at a minimum, a logo from your brand), I start to wonder why. It makes it look like you don’t want to reveal yourself for a reason. And the number 1 reason people want to “hide” on Twitter is because they’re using it to spam people with their product or service.  Just like you – I’m amazingly busy. And also like you, I make decisions whether to follow people pretty quickly. If my first instinct is to wonder what you’re hiding, I’m probably going to cut my losses and go follow someone else.

2.     You promise that you always follow back

Why would you promise to always follow back unless you’re going for artificially high Twitter numbers. You shouldn’t have to beg people to follow you. If you’re producing high quality Twitter content then chances are good that I’ll naturally want to follow you. But if you try to bribe me to follow you by promising to follow back, I have to think that you don’t value yourself, let alone your followers. 

3.    Your ratio of people you’re following to your followers is out of proportion

Your ratio of people you’re following to followers should be pretty nearly equal.  It won’t always be exact, but it should be pretty close. (There are a few exceptions for “confirmed” celebrity or personality accounts, but for most people, it should be close to equal.

4.    You don’t have anything listed in your bio

This is another huge red flag for most people. If you haven’t taken the time to complete your bio, you’re missing out on some amazing opportunities for promoting yourself (legitimately) and boosting your SEO!  And if that’s the case, I naturally assume that you wouldn’t shoot yourself in the foot that way on purpose – so chances are good that you’re hiding on purpose.  And for my thoughts on “hiding” in Twitter, see point #1. 


5.       You spam people with DMs

DMs should be reserved for people you are actively engaged with – not something to scattershoot to everyone to promote your product or service.  It’s a form of spam.  If someone hasn’t requested information from you about a product or service, you shouldn’t be sending it. It’s pretty much that simple.

6.     You call yourself an expert (or similar term) in your profile

Let your expertise speak for itself. If you have to tell me how good you are, I’m immediately worried that your work won’t speak for itself. It makes it look like you just aren’t that good.

7.     You’re always (and only) promoting yourself in your Tweets

Twitter is all about engagement. Actually – these days, just about any effective form of marketing is about engagement.  This means communication that goes back and forth with your prospects and customers, not just one direction. If I look at your Tweets and all I see are Tweets promoting yourself and your product, and you’re never “chatting” with anyone or providing Tweets that are valuable, I’m not going to follow you. 

What about you? Are there reasons you won’t follow people on Twitter? I’d love to hear them – leave a comment below!


  1. Great advice as always Edmund…thanks!

  2. I love following people, but sometimes a wonderful account will get unfollowed via tools like manageflitter because they broke some of the rules above. I have a friend who rarely tweets and continues to come up in the suggestions of who to unfollow. I may unfollow her soon just to stop seeing her account in the search results!

  3. DMs! It kills me when the first (and often only) message I get from people when I follow them is a DM pushing their product or service. Not gonna happen. 

  4. Good points, Edmund. This pretty much covers all my reasons as well.

  5. Oh, those egg images drive me crazy!  They are a close second to auto-DMs. 🙂  Great article, Edmund.

  6. Great post! Correcting the 7 things mentioned above will definitely encourage more followers. When do you consider a bio complete?

  7. I agree with you 100%. Those are the same rules I follow.  One other thing, if I'm following someone and they haven't posted something in over a year I will unfollow.

  8. Great article Edmund, the second thing i check out before i can follow you back is your tweet history, & if it doesn’t rhym with your bio i pretty much don’t bother.

  9. Tweet Links

    I don't follow anyone that simply tweets links.


    Article Forwarding

    Like you Edmund I like to engage with people. I question others beliefs and opinions as building blocks of my own. For that I like to see Twitterers adding their own content to the articles they read, forward, and promote.


    A great post Edmund!



    • You’re welcome!


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