Why Twitter For Your Business Is More Important Than Ever

Twitter for your business

Why Twitter for your Business is More Important than Ever

It's the platform you might not have liked at first. You might have wondered how on earth 140 characters could be used for anything other than trying to sound  like a teen wannabe.

And still, somehow, it survived.  Twitter recently turned a whopping 7 years old! 

Even if it isn't your favorite, though, using Twitter for your business still has tremendous value. Here's why it remains a strong platform and one that you absolutely must be using to reach your customers on social media.

Why Twitter for your Business Must Be Part of your Social Media Strategy

#1 – Twitter has 500 million users – and it's still growing.

It's not just the playground of teenagers.  In fact, in case you didn't think there were enough people using Twitter for it to be worth your time, let me help you understand something. Every day, anywhere between 5000 to 10,000 people join Twitter. That's every day! 

#2 – People who are thought leaders and leaders in their niche use Twitter in their business.

One of the best ways to begin being a thought leader is to follow those who are and observe what they do and learn from them. I didn't say to copy them, though many thought leaders have much in common with the way they use Twitter to share their knowledge and influence – and they're worth learning from. 

#3 – Need market research?  Get it on Twitter with no cost.

You can use Twitter search to find trending ideas and terms. You can also ask your Twitter followers a question and see what kind of responses you get. However you choose to use it, you have an amazing number of ideas and opinions at your fingertips to help you make key decisions about developing products or services that are most valuable and desirable to your particular niche. 

#4 – Twitter allows you to connect with your followers on a personal level.

It's as simple as monitoring for mentions of your brand and direct messages sent to you. When you connect with someone new, send a hello and a question to get the conversation started.  Notice – I didn't say send them a link about a product you sell.  That's rude, just like going to a cocktail party and handing out business cards before you even meet the guests! 

#5 – Twitter can spread your ideas faster than any other network.

Say something that's influential, inspirational, or just plain humorous, and it can spread like wildfire on Twitter!  Business tips, quotes, and ideas can spread like wildfire on Twitter, and if it's your idea spreading, that's amazing value for your brand. 

#6 – Twitter is used by journalists – your update could bring you national attention!

There are journalists who follow Twitter and look for trending or interesting topics to write a story.  If it happens that it's your Tweet someone makes famous, just think about how that could boost traffic and sales from your site!  (On the flip side,that means your Tweets need to be professional at all times!)

#7 – Twitter can drive immense amounts of traffic to your website.

Even if your Tweets aren't discovered by the LA Times or any other news publication, it still has the power to generate an amazing amount of traffic to your site. Tweet content from your site that is interesting and relevant to your followers, and watch your web traffic grow. 

What's your favorite reason to use this 7-year-old platform? Leave a comment below!


  1. Guess I am a slow learner…every time I read how valuable twitter is I spend a bit more time there and sure enough I see results!! Thanks for the reminder Edmund, I just have a really hard time with under 140!! Ha!

  2. I hadn't thought of many of these advantages and values to using Twitter. Great points in an easy-to-use format. Thanks so much, Edmund. 


    I love how Twitter spread ideas faster than any other network.  It also adds traffic to website. What is your favorite social media platform, Edmund?

    • Lorii, my favorite platform is Twitter. Must have to do with having grown up in the “instant messaging” era 🙂

  4. Hi Edmund, thank you for sharing this on Twitter (I am one of your followers)! I have been active on Twitter recently after finding out that I'll be missing a good medium to build connections to people who are interested in my niche if I'll ignore Twitter… today am working on it constantly…
    Prime Aque recently posted..The Art of Pinteresting: Your Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Business AccountMy Profile

    • Great to hear that you have been actively participating on Twitter. You’re right, it is a great medium to build connections.

  5. All great points why businesses need to be on Twitter. When it first came out, I ignored Twitter. Even as it got popular, I never used it for myself. And even now, in 2013, I don't really like Twitter — too fast, too unfocused, too many distracting hashtags flying around all over the place — but I recognize its value as a communication tool. And it's obviously a fairly successful marketing tool, since I got here from Twitter to join this discussion.

  6. Hi Edmund,

    Nice post! Needless to say I started off as a bit of a skeptic… how could 140 characters help my business?! Twitter is such a great tool to be find conversations around your industry and also be discovered by others. 



  7. Hi Edmund.

    Spreading ideas happens so quickly on twitter.

    If someone with 200,000 followers retweets me my presence has been leveraged SO fast.

    Thanks for the smart share!

    • Anytime my friend =)

  8. Edmund, Thanks for the 7 reminders. Right on time! I made many resolutions this new year. One among them is to make the best use of Twitter in this New Year. Wishing you to have a very happy and successful New Year ahead. 🙂

    • Thanks you so much Uma! Wishing you a great year ahead as well! 🙂


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