The Top 3 Tips to Using LinkedIn for Sales

Tips to Using LinkedIn for Sales

With over 135 million users, mostly from the business community, it makes sense that anyone who markets products or services for businesses would want to know how to maximize LinkedIn for sales. 

If that doesn’t have you convinced, earlier this year, released statistics showing that using LinkedIn for sales is 277% more likely to generate leads than Facebook or Twitter for both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sales. 

Here’s how to maximize the power of LinkedIn for sales in your company: 

#1 – Complete and Optimize Your Profile

Create Your Profile

It seems painfully obvious and not worth mentioning.  But there are so many people who miss this step!  Complete your profile.  Include a picture.  Nothing tells prospective clients or employers that you don’t care like having a half-finished profile.

Care enough about your own success to finish your profile. 

Take the time to finish your profile.  Include your current and prior occupations and occupation.  Add information until your profile is listed as 100% complete.  

Optimize Your Profile

Once you’ve finished your profile, it’s time to optimize it to get noticed!  Research keywords in your niche.  For example, if you’re in risk management or safety, include those words.  If you’ve been an executive chef, cook up a description that includes that phrase.  Be concise but be creative!  You want to stand out!

Include Recommendations

If you have clients with good things to say about your product or services, ask for recommendations on LinkedIn.  For sales and service businesses, nothing inspires confidence like a good reference from a satisfied customer. 

#2 – Network Using Groups

A great use of LinkedIn for sales professionals is to network by searching based on keyword – like the keywords you used in optimizing your profile!  Search keywords, join groups and connect with others in your field.  Once you get used to the way groups work, start your own groups and gain credibility as an expert in your niche!

#3 – Join the Conversation

Some people wouldn’t consider using LinkedIn for sales, seeing it primarily as a place to park a resume and wait passively for “something” to happen.  To maximize the value of this social network, you need to jump in!  Seek ways to contribute value to your connections just like you would on any other social network.  Just like in any other network, creating value for others usually results in better results for you. 

LinkedIn Answers [UPDATE: LinkedIn Answers was discontinued by LinkedIn on January 31, 2013]

LinkedIn Answers, located under the “More” menu, features questions asked by members of the LinkedIn community.  Browse to find questions in your area of expertise.  If you have an answer, share it!  If you know someone in your network who has the answer, help make the connection for the questioner.  Either way, by providing valuable information, you’ll build your credibility and earn “expertise” in your subject area.  Experts are featured on the Answers page and in each category of questions. 

When using these or any other tips on LinkedIn for sales growth, remember:  Quality of engagement is key.  Be yourself, be authentic, and provide value.  Do these things and sales will follow.   

So, how do you use LinkedIn to network in your industry?  What strategies are you currently implementing?


  1. Great tips and ideas.  And I agree, completing the profile is the most important – that's like stepping out in public and you didn't comb your hair or wash your face – first impressions make the difference to business!!  great job!

  2. Awesome advice Edmund, I am not much on Linked In. I really have to go and explore it and get involved with people in my niche…Thanks!

  3. I have joined a few groups Edmund and find their comments and insights to be very helpful as they are specific to my life coaching business. I will have to work on the conversation aspect as I generally, comment on specific posts in groups and leave. Thanks for your insights!

  4. These are awesome tips. I am going to start networking in groups! Kara

  5. Great tips!  I agree – maximizing your profile on LinkedIn is very important to having any success there!

  6. What great tips Edmund, I'm going to use this as my "to do" list for LinkedIn.  Despite understanding the value of this network, I'm still having trouble finding the time to get there.  MUST raise it up on my priority list.  You make a very good case for its importance here.
    Jennifer recently posted..5 Easy Ways to Build Relationships With Social MediaMy Profile

  7. Thats great! i agree in maximizing the profile.


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