7 Sources of Inspiration For Engaging Your Customers With Social Media

Engaging customers with social media

Looking for sources of inspiration for your next social media update or blog post?  Coming up with something to write about regularly might seem daunting, but it can be a cinch with these 7 sources of great content for engaging your customers.  Social media strategy never seemed this simple before, I tell you! 

Content Sources for Engaging Your Customers with Social Media

#1 – Google Alerts

This is one of the easiest ways to get social media content ideas.  There's an old infomercial for a kitchen appliance where the tag line was "set it and forget it!"  Well, this is the set it and forget it of content ideas!  Think of some of the terms in your business that might be keywords to search for news and updates.  Set up a Google alerts for these words, your competitors names, related business information, and more.  Anything that might give you a good idea to write about is a great alert to set up.  Let current information come to you and either share it or comment on it for your readers.  Not only are you providing valuable information, but you are also positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field.

#2 – Facebook Fans and Friends

What do your friends and fans want to hear?  You can find out a few ways. You can ask an open-ended question and pay attention to the answers, or you can simply observe what people are talking about in your groups.  Either way, certain topics will create more passion than others, and when this happens, you'll have a good candidate to create content around – either social media updates or blog posts. 

#3 – Trending Topics (Twitter)

This is another natural crowd sourcing technique – take a look at daily trending topics on Twitter and see if any of them have natural applications for your business. 

#4 – News Site Searches

Make sure you're making regular time to check out news sites and stay up to date on current information in your niche.  This also provides you with an ongoing source of ideas about what's important in your field.  Create content on this and you're sure to be seen as a knowledgeable expert that people want to keep reading for the latest information!

#5 – Pinterest

So maybe you have enough different forms of written inspiration and you just need a break.  Pinterest can be a great way to find inspiration for content also (and make some new connections while you're there).  Take a look at what's getting shared related to your niche – or even just those great memes that keep going around.  The more it's shared, the more likely you could find some aspect to create your own share-worthy content about.  (Just be sure to set a timer – there are a ton of reports of people getting sucked in to Pinterest for hours at a time otherwise!)

#6 – Forums

Do you notice a trend here?  Go find where there are people.  See what they're talking about the most.  Create content around those topics.  It's a formula that works every single time!

#7 – Trendspottr

Speaking of looking for trends, TrendSpottr is a computer-based service that analyzes trends as they're emerging in near real time.  It lets you see what's hot even before your immediate contacts might be discussing it, keeping you on the front edge as a thought leader in your field. 

What's your favorite source of ideas for content ideas?  Leave me a comment so we can all learn together! 


  1. What great ideas! I've used Google Alerts in the past, but not in this fashion. Which of course I plan to change immediate. I'm sure you're familiar with Trendwatching; I find it very helpful to keep me up with what's coming up in the world.

  2. Edmund, you are always full of great ideas on using social media to engage customers. I hadn't heard of Trendspottr and look forward to trying it out. 

  3. Great resources and the one I neglect often is Pinterest. I am doing better though 🙂

  4. Encouraging, Useful, Well written post! Thank you Edmund!

  5. Great ideas and suggestions! Typically finding content ideas is not difficult for me as I deal with parents everyday and hear what their concerns and questions are first hand…but then there are those times when I feel a need for a bit of inspiration! Thanks for giving me these great suggestions!

    • You’re welcome Denny! Glad I could help during those times of inspiration. On a side note, sounds like you got a great resource in hand through your daily interaction with parents.

  6. Love all 7 tips but #1 is best. So simple and so valuable!

  7. Finding inspiration for content material can be a challenge at times. Hadn't heard of Trendspottr, that will be interesting to check out. Thanks for all the tips, Edmund! 

  8. I haven't heard of Trendspottr and I have a difficult time finding forums and things related to my niche. I don't have trouble with content though..usually 🙂

  9. Not familiar with Trendsetter but going to check it out 😉 Thanks for the tips!

  10. Thanks Edmund! I have never heard of Trendspottr. I am going to check that one out!

  11. Great information Edmund!  Need to check out #7.  Thanks!  


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