Social Media Organization Tools Made Easy: 7 Free Tools To Get Results

One of the questions that keeps coming up from people who I've connected with on social media has to do with organizing time.  This whole series has been related to the issue of how to use the tools that are out there to organize your social media efforts to be both effective and efficient.

We've covered Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ and different ways to organize your followers to make sense of the huge amount of noise out there on social media channels.  Now I want to talk about how you access and listen to your followers on social media – not to mention how you might schedule updates to maximize your time.

Here's a listing of 7 free social media organizational tools to simplify your engagement efforts and help you get your social life in order!

#1 – HootSuite & Seesmic

HootSuite and Seesmic both have a history of providing social media monitoring tools for small businesses.  Last month, HootSuite acquired Seesmic and has pledged to support both products while working toward a single, unified platform for users. 

#2 – ManageFlitter

This is a great tool to manage your Twitter experience and grow your list (and weed out the people you followed who might not be quality after all).  With ManageFlitter, you can search for new people to follow, track who unfollowed you, and find your best time to post when the bulk of your followers are online with this comprehensive set of Twitter tools. 

#3 – Social Mention

Social Mention is a "social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content into a single stream of information."  Translated, that means that it monitors over 100 social media sites and helps you to easily track what people on social media are saying about you, your product or service, your brand, etc.

#4 – Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great way to monitor the internet for mention of a topic of interest.  Set up a Google alert (for your own name, for instance) and receive e-mail updates for the latest Google results of the term you're searching.

#5 – Google Trends

Another great product from Google, Google Trends allows you to compare data on up to 5 terms or websites.

#6 – Reachli (Pinerly)

Finally – a way to analyze the results of a visual platform!  Reachli offers analytics for visual social media, starting with Pinterest!  Via Reachli, you can schedule pins, receive real-time analytics on which pins are being shared and liked the most.  Reachli also delivers data on best practices for those engaged in content creation and brand management.

#7 – SharedCount

Ready to track your shares, likes, and Tweets?  SharedCount tracks  a range of social media engagement including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, Google +1, Pins, Delicious, and StumbleUpon. 

#8 – Social Oomph

A suite of productivity enhancing tools for social media users.  Social Oomph lets you schedule Tweets, track keywords, and more.

#9 – WhatHashtag

Interested to find out what hashtags people are following?  Check out WhatHashtag, a service that helps you find the most often used hashtags for keywords you enter.  By checking your hashtags for popularity rather than making them up on the fly, you make sure your Tweets on various topics are likely to be seen by a greater audience.

Think these tools might help you keep your social media efforts better organized? 

I'd love to hear – leave me a comment below!


  1. These are awesome tools Edmund….I bookmarked them for further research

  2. Fantastic Edmund! Making a list to check into!! Thanks!

  3. Your list just helped me get more organized. I use some of those tools, but now want to check out some more on that list. I’m already seeing benefits from adopting Socialoomph. I appreciate you aggregating the best together!

  4. As always, your post has tremendous value and knowledge.  I use all the tools you mentioned, except WhatHashtagCan't wait to use it.

    • Sounds like you’re all organized and optimized for success Rebecca! =)

  5. Thanks for these Amazing tips! I will definitely will be checking into WhatHashTag 🙂

  6. Wow… more info that I definitely need to keep in front of me; definitely will be  referring back to this post!  Thanks Edmund for such valuable content!

  7. As always additional resources to check into, Edmund. Thanks for all the time-saving research you do for us.

  8. Great tips as always Edmund. Some of these I use regularly and others I have barely heard of but will have to check out. Thanks for the info.

  9. Some of these I have not heard of. I shall check them out. Thank you!

  10. Wow…some intersting tools here…I need to check out a few for sure!

  11. Every time I think I've got my go-to list of tools, another great one is introduced to me. Thanks for sharing these valuable FREE tools Edmund.

  12. This is a brilliant list – I am overwhelmed by the amount of information floating on the web about social media.  I want to read more, learn more and share more, but I want to do it efficiently.  These tools will help!

    Bookmarked! 🙂

  13. Edmund – your Tweet button is not displayed properly 🙁 I want to RT this so everyone can benefit 🙂

  14. I can see the Twitter button now! I guess my browser was the problem.  Sorry about bothering you 🙁


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