Boost Your Productivity and Enhance Your Results: Getting Organized on Social Media

Social Media Management Tools

What's the difference between using social media as a hobby and social media to boost your business? 

Ultimately it comes down to action and results.  Are your social media activities targeted, specifically planned activities with measurable results that you're evaluating?  Or do you spend hours online posting and responding (not to mention wading through those game requests) and wonder at the end of the day where your time went and how anyone can possibly earn money or build a business on these social media platforms, anyway?

The top secret for making money using social media, a secret practiced by every social media professional I know is deceptively simple. But I guarantee it works.

The secret is: organization – achieved through using social media management tools.

Organizing your time and activities online is what separates social media hobbyists from professionals, and yes, it's what enables some people to experience tremendous financial success in their businesses using the power of networking and social media. 

But when you're starting out with social media, it's tough enough to learn the basics of how to Tweet, how to Facebook, and how to Pinterest without trying to figure out how to get organized with them all at the same time.  This is where social media management tools – within each application and third party apps – come into play.

So I'm beginning a series on maximizing your productivity with social media by using social media management tools.  The series will cover the specific platforms of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus, which each have their own social media management tools built in.  We'll cover how to organize your growing numbers of followers and fans to keep your message consistent and keep your efforts productive. 

We'll also cover some of the third party social media management tools out there.  These are the tools that let you plan your efforts in advance.  We'll talk about smart ways to use these tools so that your presence on social media doesn't become just an automated, one-way conversation.  Instead, automated social media management tools can help you free up valuable time to be more strategically engaged on social media, boosting your interaction with your customers, and responding in a true, two-way conversation.

In the meantime – here are 3 tips for boosting your productivity online and on social media to get you started!

Social Media Management Tools For Success:

#1 – Watch Out for Shiny Objects

Does this sound familiar?  You're working on your content updates for your company's Twitter presence, and you decide you need a statistic online.  Your Google search provides some interesting leads.  One of the websites you visit has a great set of online marketing eBooks and you download them and start reading.  Suddenly you're inspired with a change you need to make with your website that will surely result in better SEO for your website. 

Suddenly, the day is gone. And your Twitter feed is still silent.

Watching out for the many distractions online is a sure way to get more done when you're using your precious amount of time available for social media marketing. 

#2 – Choose Productivity

No matter what social media management tools you use, being productive starts with a choice.  The power is yours!  What are the top three things you need to accomplish in your time online?  Write them down! Set a timer for 15 minutes when you get online – when the timer goes off, take a look at what you're doing and see if it supports one of your key tasks.  If not, it's time  to refocus and begin.  You can train yourself to be productive  online! 

#3 – Stop Multitasking

If you pride yourself on multitasking, it's time to stop.  Study after study has confirmed that it's a rare person who actually achieves more in less time via multitasking.  If you still think you're one of those few, keep a time map of your activities and your completion rate for your must-do's.  You just might be surprised at how much more you accomplish when you're single-minded. 

Which of the above tips applies to you right now?  Be honest!  I look forward to hearing from you – leave a comment below!

34 Responses to Boost Your Productivity and Enhance Your Results: Getting Organized on Social Media

  1. Jen Reid says:

    I can completely see myself with #1! You don't realize how into reading and transitioning from article to article you can get and next thing you know you've lost precious hours! It's truly amazing.  Thanks for the tips! :)

  2. Holly Jean says:

    Edmund, your points in this post are SOOOO true, and well taken! I will be applying this information beginning today… now where did I put that kitchen timer? :-) Thank you!

  3. Dawn Lanier says:

    Good tips Edmund. I think we all get sidetracked by 'shiny objects' and I agree we have to keep them to a minimum. Thanks for the tip on multitasking – I know I do it all too often, and it probably slows me down. Appreciate the reminder :)
    Dawn Lanier recently posted..Eating Your Social Media Frog: Finding ContentMy Profile

  4. Oh my goodness I think you've been standing behind me in the office. Number one is ME…I do exactly what you described "Your Google search provides some interesting leads.  One of the websites you visit has a great set of online marketing eBooks and you download them and start reading.  Suddenly you're inspired with a change you need to make with your website that will surely result in better SEO for your website. Suddenly, the day is gone". Thank you for pointing these three key tips to managing our time effectively.

  5. Sounds interesting and I think maybe Suzie needs to sign up for your class…
    My sister always said there was no such thing as multitasking. Science has confirmed her theory!

  6. Sherie says:

    Edmund, what excellent points! The ones that meant the most to me are the chasing of shiny objects and multitasking! I find that when I set a timer and focus, I get much better results!
    Sherie recently posted..Fear of Being Alone Keeping You in a Bad Relationship?My Profile

  7. denny hagel says:

    Excellent advice! I am sooo guilty of following the shiny object…the next thing I know an hour has gone by!!! Thanks!

  8. Multitasking kills me every time …

  9. Great information Edmund, love the clarity of your advice. I kept thinking to keep it simple, keep it simple while I was reading. It is a great way to build your business step by step with not too many rabbit trails; thanks!

  10. I'm just as guilty of following the shiny objects and trying to multitask.  Thanks for the much needed reminder.  

  11. Great post, Edmund. I  was guilty of multitasking, lol. I find like you wrote that I get so much more done and right the 1st time when I don't. Thanks :)

  12. I am going to stop the mulitasking. I think I just off track and never finish anything !
    elizabeth maness recently posted..How to use Twitter to Boost Your Google RankMy Profile

    • Edmund Lee says:

      Yeah, there is just so many things going on nowadays that it almost becomes natural to want to multi-task. One step at a time though in terms of making that change..

  13. I am relieved to know it is not only me who has this setback. I was beginning to think I was ADHD and it was all a lack of focus. I am very focused but it does take discipline to stay on task online!

  14. Kim Garst says:

    Love the shiny object tip ;-)

  15. Oh those shiny objects get us just about every time!  Excited to read more in this series!

  16. I'm a shiney object victim!! :)

  17. Jennifer says:

    Completely agree Edmund. Sometimes the biggest secrets to success are the most common or obvious things aren't they? I was drowning before I got my social media stuff organized, and I still feel like I could use some improvement. I also have to set a timer on my computer, otherwise I would certainly get lost down the social media rabbit hole!
    Jennifer recently posted..Goal Setting: The #1 Reason it’s NOT Working For YouMy Profile

  18. Thanks for Sharing Edmund!  I have Shiny object syndrome, and one more question to answer, then I'll do my stuff!  Pretty soon the whole day is gone!  Organization and a list is a must for me!

  19. wilma says:

    I am new to SMMarketing.  So far the information on your website has been the most helpful and easiest to understand.  I realised I'm one of those multi-tasked who wastes a lot of time running from one half done job to another.  Thank you,  this was a wake-up call.  I will visit your network often for more tips and lessons.  I'm in business for 5 years now and realised that I can no longer go without proper network marketing.  I have so much to learn and to think 5 years ago I couldn't even switch on a computer.  I'm growing and learning every day.
    Be blessed,

    • Edmund Lee says:

      Great to hear about your journey Wilma. It’s amazing how much you can learn in 5 years! I also have friends who have gone from barely being able to switch on a computer to effectively using social media on a daily basis for their business.

  20. Dontae Mears says:

    Multitasking is usually a major pitfall for me!  Setting small goals and timers help me stay organized. 

  21. Shari says:

    I really like the way you brought in the most recent research on multitasking here. I've been trying to eliminate multitasking altogether, since it clearly doesn't work for me. Having an empirical reason to do so is reinforcing. I also love the idea of using a timer and then checking for progress and alignment with goals. Great suggestions.

  22. Francie says:

    Thank you for these good words of wisdom. Organization is so important to staying on track for me. I will definitely use time increments.

  23. Guilty as charged. Not only that it is very frustrating to not seem to get anything done, your description of the symptoms was dead on!

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