Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Your Facebook Reach

Boost Your Facebook Reach

How’s your Facebook reach? Are you reaching an increasing number of your fans?  Or is the number of people “talking about” your page and your posts dwindling? 

Or are you even sure you’re tracking your reach on Facebook correctly?

There are a few numbers you want to keep track of when you’re looking at the effectiveness of your Facebook activity.  One of the core numbers to track is your Facebook reach

At its most basic, your reach is the number of people who are seeing your content.  As I’ve mentioned before, Facebook uses a huge number of inputs when it decides how many people see any given post from your Page.

And because of that fact, it turns out that your reach isn’t something set in stone.  It’s something that you can learn how to move in a positive direction.  It’s also easy enough to understand – it doesn’t take any kind of in depth analytics to get some data that’s simple. And with a little bit of skill, you can take your snapshot of “where you are now” and begin to make changes that boost your reach right away. 

What You Need to Know First

One of the terms you might see Facebook use when talking about is organic reach.  If you’re thinking of organic veggies at your local natural foods store, well, you’re not too far off the mark.  Organic reach is your “naturally occurring” reach. It’s how many people (fans and non fans) your posts reach without any kind of paid promotion.  Understanding how to boost the visibility of your posts organically means that you can increase your audience without it costing you a dime in terms of promoted posts.

How to Find Your Organic Reach

The fastest way to find your organic reach is simply to look at your Fan Page.   At the bottom of each post is a number telling you how many people have seen a particular post.  You can also look at the Admin Panel on your Fan Page, where there’s a chart that shows some of your most recent posts and your reach for each post.

To get even more information about your reach, check out your “Insights” and look at your various Page posts. You’ll get detailed information about each of your posts including Engaged Users, Talking About This, and Virality.  Engaged users are those who have clicked anywhere on your posts, Talking About This includes those who have shared, commented, or liked, or who have answered a question or claimed an offer.

How to Boost Your Organic Reach

The  quickest and easiest way to improve your organic reach is this: find out what generates the highest reach and try to repeat it. Do you notice that your audience responds most actively during a certain time of the day?  Then tailor your posts by time. Does your audience like the artistic pictures of food and recipes that are so popular right now?  Then that’s something you want to use thoughtfully. 

While variety is a good thing and you don’t’ want to focus only on one kind of content, here’s the simple fact. The whole point of looking at your reach and finding out what your audience likes is to produce more content of that variety. Because no matter how valuable you think other pieces of content are, the most valuable pieces of content you have are the ones your audience decides are valuable.

Encourage More Engagement

Just like at a party, a good host will try to start conversation to break the ice, there are ways you can encourage people to interact with you on your fan page. Some proven ways include:

#1 – Caption This

Post a funny picture and encourage your audience to come up with a clever caption.

#2 – Fill In The Blank

Keep it short and sweet and you’ll draw on people’s natural desire to show their creativity. “The best book I’ve ever read is: _______________”

#3 – Questions

Questions can be serious, but they can just as easily generate engagement when they’re lighthearted. (And don’t forget – people come to Facebook to unwind!)

“Have you ever had a dream of flying?”                

What is your favorite way to boost your reach? Leave a comment below!


  1. My favorite way hands down is to caption this, because of some of the witty, creative, and innovative ways people can see a picture. By the way nice looking site Edmund!

  2. One of my main goals is to avoid spending a lot of money to promote posts just to get more reach so I appreciate the tips! It does seem like getting shares and comments on posts are the best free ways to get traction toward higher organic reach. I'll pay more attention to which posts are getting the most engagement. So far, I think it's fill-in-the-blank at this point on my current (and relatively young) page.

  3. I think the key element of your message is that it's about your fans, not about you. If you keep doing what people don't like, even if it's "good for them," they'll abandon you. Excellent article.

  4. Awesome post! It is definitely true that the value of your content is dependent on how your audience values your content. What do you think are the common contents that most audiences value?

  5. I have found that asking the most simple of questions such as "what is your favorite kitchen gadget" gets the most reach. Things that we can all relate to, rather than just items about business where some may not be as interested, are the items that have the most success.

    Great article!

  6. Excellent tips for Facebook marketing! I find that just being myself is the best way to make quality connections on any social media platform.

  7. Love your last three tips! 

  8. Thanks for the tips Edmund! 

    Facebook page has that awesome ability to allow admins to check organic social reach of FB posts. It makes sense to figure out the best times to post and the best performing type of the post. 

    Branko Zecevic recently posted..The Truth About Search Engine Ranking Of A SiteMy Profile

  9. Thanks for these articles Edmund. The amount of good information that you share often, intrigued me and led me to your page. Good Job! 😉  

    I am a author currently blogging on my website and really want to increase my readership. Not a buisness or fan page but a lot of your articles apply.  I post my blog on facebook and twitter but am really looking to grow.  Any additional advice would be welcome.  Tami

  10. Great tips Edmund! I do have a question  for you? I do have a fan page bbut I find I get more action on my timeline. Is there a big difference between the both and is one better then the other? Just wondering? Thanks for sharing Chery :))


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