Part 4: How to Add Followers on Twitter

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

How to Get More Followers On Twitter: To Get One Be One!

(Note: This post is part of a series based on my free eBook, 13 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers.  If you don't have your copy yet, please feel free to get one here)

In the past weeks, I've covered a number of different strategies for how to get more followers on Twitter.  From optimizing your profile, to listing yourself in various Twitter directories, and promoting yourself, I'm hoping you've discovered that the best ways for how to get more followers on Twitter are easily within your reach! 

Today's tip is one that gets to the core of getting more followers on Twitter.  And it's deceptively simple.

It's somewhat similar to the membership motto of one of the world's oldest fraternal organizations. 

How To Get More Followers On Twitter:

To get one, be one. 

One of the easiest ways for how to get more followers on Twitter is simply to follow more people yourself. 

This works because people quite often will follow those who follow them. So by following more people, you're naturally going to end up with more followers yourself. 

But Wait! There's A Catch!

Remember that all along, we've been talking about how to get quality followers on Twitter. Quality followers are those who are interested in what you're offering as a product or service. So you'll want to make sure you're following people whose core offering and interests reflect your own.

There's another reason you want to be selective of the people you follow.  Twitter continues to optimize its service to discourage spammers and people who would use their service solely for self-promotion. One of their ways of achieving this is to force you to stay within a particular ratio of your followers to your friends (the people you follow), aka the TFF ratio.  For your first 2,000 friends, you won't be limited.  Once you hit 2,000 following, though, Twitter will block your ability to follow other people if your ratio isn't within their guidelines. 

Why? Because if you're following a lot of people and no one's following back, you're likely not providing content seen as valuable. Or perhaps you're a bot – in which case, you're not reading this article anyway!

TFF Ratio Guidelines:

Some basic guidelines about the TFF ratio and it's impact on how to get more followers on Twitter:

TFF ratio of under 1.0:

You're following a lot of people without getting much Twitter love from them in return. Did you pick people to follow randomly, or look for people using keywords related to your niche?  (or see above – you might be a spam-bot!)

TFF ratio around 1.0:

You're well respected by your community.  You're listening to the community and you're being listened to.  This is a good thing!

TFF ratio of 2.0 or above:

You just might be a thought leader!  You're popular, and people want to hear what you have to say. 

TFF ratio of 10 or above:

Are you a rock star? 

How To Get More Followers on Twitter Without Hitting TFF Limits:

Using a few strategies to guide your search to find relevant friends, you can know how to get more followers on Twitter without bumping up against the TFF limits and getting your ability to follow shut down.

  • Search for people in your niche to follow.  Use keywords related to your niche and search for people whose work is related to your niche or in a complementary niche. These people are more likely to be interested in you as well and be happy to follow you in return.
  • Search for people who follow your own influencers. If someone is following someone you follow with interest, it's reasonable to assume they are likely to be interested in what you have to offer as well and are likely to follow back.
  • Follow people who are friends of friends. Related to the reasons above – friends of friends are likely to share some of your interests and be willing to follow back.
  • Follow people based on keywords or hashtags. Look for various trending topics and hashtags that are of interest. People tweeting these keywords and/or hashtags of interest to you in your business are quite likely to be interested in the product or service you have to offer and follow you as a result. 

Following others whose content enriches your own life is one of the most rewarding ways for how to get more followers on Twitter.  Tweet this and make sure we're connected on Twitter too!


  1. Edmund! What valuable information — Thank you! I'm in a kind of dilemma right now. I'm creating a focus on small business owners who want to get an online presence. So I can't really find them on twitter! I still want to keep doing copywriting for established online and offline businesses though so I guess I'll focus there in twitter. 

  2. To get one, be one. I like that. I agree that we need to follow others for others to follow us. You gave some great tips, that I definitely am going to use.

  3. Thanks Edmund! I wondered if there was a way to gauge how well you're doing on Twitter, and your TFF ratios helped me to understand it much better. Also, your point about 'to get one, be one' makes all the sense in the world – not just on Twitter, but in many relationship driven situations. Glad I read your tips – I learned something today. Now all I need to do is turn myself into a rock star 🙂
    Dawn Lanier recently posted..How to Run a Successful “Pin It to Win It” ContestMy Profile

  4. Another great post! I have started doing this in the last month and I have noticed a big difference. I'm nearly at 1000 followers. Good to know I am on the right track! Thanks!

  5. This is fantastic information, Edmund, especially about the Twitter ratios. It seems like there are some people who follow you, then as soon as you follow them back, they unfollow…then they have, for example, 435 people they are following and have 30,000 followers…fortunately, most people don't do that! : D
    Sherie recently posted..Yes. No. Maybe. Are You Struggling with Indecision?My Profile

  6. Always something new and usable Edmund! Thanks!

  7. I always look now to see how many followers they have vs how many tweets they have. Now that I am informed a bit more it is easy to see the value in the people we choose to follow..or not!

  8. Thanks for continued twitter wisdom shared to us readers.  Never knew about ratio Edmund.

    • I’m glad that you learned something new about Twitter ratios and adding new followers.

  9. Thanks for more ways to find Twitter followers. Love the ease with which you share each step.

  10. Another article filled with great tips and simple application! Thank you, Edmund! Love the comment…"perhaps you are a bot…" many of those do we encounetr every day? Eeeks! Quality is key…I preach it in wellness and the same applies here!

  11. As always, great content, Edmund! I am trying to increase my twitter followers, and will implement these techniques into my strategy!

    • Good to hear Holly! Looking forward to hearing more about your success on Twitter. Keep me posted.

  12. Many thanks Edmund. I find twitter more effective in expanding your social boundaries, especially related to business interests. I have managed to meet amazing people through twitter than Facebook. Thanks to your tips, so simple and effective, I should be able to expand it further. I do follow you on twitter and needless to say it's worth following you!!! cheers from Down under!!!

    • Hi there George! 

      Thank you very much for such kind words. I’m glad you find those tips useful and effective. 


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