Part 1: Pin Like A Pro: How to Pin on Pinterest

how to pin on pinterest

If you’re curious about Pinterest but you’ve asked yourself or your tech folks, “How do I pin on Pinterest?” this post – and its sequel – are for you.  

In a sense – there are two ways of answering that question, and I’m going to give you both.  There’s the technical how-to get an image from your computer, the web, or another user’s pin board to be attached to your own pin boards.

Once you have the technical side down, there’s another more exciting way to answer the question, “How do I pin on Pinterest?” 

If your aim is to promote your brand, increase sales, or drive traffic to your brand’s website, there are a whole host of strategies to use to pin on Pinterest for maximum effectiveness. 

In this article we’ll tackle the first question:  “How do I pin on Pinterest” from a technical approach – just getting the pictures on your board.  We’ll talk about how to use Pinterest from your desktop computer, and we’ll talk about Pinterest for Android, iPhone and other smart phones. 

In the follow up article, we’ll answer “How do I pin on Pinterest” from a more strategic angle.

How Do I Pin on Pinterest:  The Nuts and Bolts Approach

The Pin-It Button

It couldn’t be easier to pin web images to your Pinterest boards.  If a website has made use of the “Pin It” button with their own graphics, click it to pin that particular image to your pin boards. 

The Pin-It Bookmarklet

If a website doesn’t have a Pin It button, it’s very easy to grab one of Pinterest’s drag-and-drop Pin-It bookmarklet buttons for your browser.  Simply go to the About menu and select “Pin It Button.”   Pinterest will detect which browser you are using and give you the appropriate bookmarklet and instructions for your specific browser.  It’s as simple as dragging and dropping it onto the Bookmarks bar for the web browser you are using.

Once you’ve installed the bookmarklet, simply click it any time you’re on a website with images you’d like to pin.  A window will open and allow you to select which image you want to pin, which board to pin it to.  Enter a description for your pin and, voila!  You’ve pinned it to your board.

How do I Pin on Pinterest for Android, iPhone and Windows Smartphones?

This question has had an interesting and changing answer.  Initially, it seemed the developers were going to use specific apps for each platform.  There would have been Pinterest for iPhone, Pinterest for Android and Pinterest for Windows.  They started by first rolling out a Pinterest app for iPhone.  Then they created a web version accessible to all flavors of smartphones, though the experience of Pinterest for Android and Windows users wasn’t as robust as that of Pinterest for iPhone users. 

Recently, there has been talk amongst techie types of a Pinterest for Android app in development.  Pinterest is listed as an exhibitor in this week’s Google I/O conference, an event put on by Google for Android related developers. Some people even think that there will be a Pinterest for Android product released at the conference.  Regardless of when the app is released, you can be sure that the launch of the Pinterest for Android app will be welcomed by users of Android devices. [UPDATE: Since this article was initially written, Pinterest has released an app for the Android device.]

The best way to get comfortable with Pinterest and how to pin is simply to jump in and try it.  Feel free to connect with me on Pinterest!

Do you usually Pinterest from a mobile device or a computer?   

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  1. I confess I haven't made a lot of time for Pinterest — maybe an hour or two a month. Funny thing is, though, that my Alexa has plummeted from 956K to 702K in the last 11 days and Analytics shows Pinterest as my #2 source of traffic!

    • Wow! That’s quite a drop. Looks like Pinterest is working for you, even though you’re spending 1-2 hours/month.

  2. Love Pinterest! These tips will make it an even more positive experience! Thanks!

    • Yeah, those will definitely be time savers and give us a lot more flexibility.

  3. Thanks for the Tips Edmund!  I'm loving Pinterest!

  4. Wonderful post Edmund!  Great tips on how to use Pinterest.  Especially helpful for using with mobile devices.  

    • Glad you enjoyed them Dr. Sarah!

  5. Love Pinterest and love Pinterest tips! Thanks!

    • Anytime Suzanne. There is more to come =)

  6. Awesome tips! I love to stop by and learn something new from Oscar's Uncle Edward!

  7. Great tips Edmund, I am one that is waiting for the Android app; that would make it a lot easier. Love your tips and am looking forward to get to know more from you…love Pinterest!!

    • Yeah, that app will definitely come in handy. Pinterest is very cool by the way!

  8. Great post, Edmund.  Pinterest lends especially well to my niche…so I have been paying a lot of attention to it.  I love my iPhone for Pinterest.  When I head to our industry trade show in a couple of weeks, that will make it really easy to share content from the show.

  9. I've just started with Pin Interest, facebook, linkedin etc, must confess I'm not very technical so all the help I'm getting is really appreciated 🙂  I use my laptop mostly but also have my smart phone.

    • It’s a step-by-step process. As long as you’re beginning somewhere, you’ll progress gradually until Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc become 2nd nature to you. Let me know if you have any questions.


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