How to Use LinkedIn Apps to Build A Stronger Network (Even if You Actually Hate Networking!)

Linkedin Apps

One of the hottest buzz words during the past few years has been relationship marketing. It’s with good reason, I think.

Everything a brand does on social media should be about providing value to the people they’re in relationships with. In turn, those relationships will be strengthened, and most times, sales will go up as a result. 

With LinkedIn apps, starting with the newly revised LinkedIn Connected app, you have some pretty robust tools at your fingertips to help you do just that. 

LinkedIn Connected replaces their LinkedIn Contacts app. In my mind, it takes LinkedIn Contacts one step further by helping you remember the relevant details about your connections, how you met, and other personal details – at exactly the right time that you might need them. 

How LinkedIn Connected Is Different

The new LinkedIn Connected app takes some of the update moments from LinkedIn a step further. When you start the app (and every day if you choose), you’ll get a list of updates that are targeted specifically to include the most important updates from your network (work anniversaries, new jobs, career milestones, etc.) to make it easy for you to send an appropriate note. This way you can keep your network engaged and connected with far less effort than ever before. 

But besides including the highlights of important updates or changes, LinkedIn Connected will include information about your contact at your fingertips when giving you the updates.  

So without any extra work, you can see where you met the person in question, where they’re located, what some of their personal and professional interests are, and any other notes you might have made to yourself for follow up. 

How to Leverage LinkedIn Apps For Easier Networking

    1. Make sure to sync your calendar to LinkedIn Connected. Whenever you schedule meetings, be sure to include names of those you’ll be meeting with, and LinkedIn will bring you the profiles of those who are on your schedule to meet with.
    2. Use the LinkedIn Pulse app to view news in your field regularly.  This will help you stay on top of industry news and curate content relevant to professionals in your field (increasing your value to prospective clients and employers).
    3. Share (professional!) but personal photos via the LinkedIn app to give prospective clients and employers alike a chance to see a more human side of you. Updates that include photos receive significantly more engagement than those that don’t!

Which of LinkedIn’s apps are you most familiar with? Which will you add to your mix of social marketing tools?  Leave a comment below. 


    • Awesome. Let me know how those work out for you!

  1. Edmund, that’s downright convenient! Love it when social media make things easy! I definitely will start adding photos to my updates.

  2. Edmund, I’m with Grant not know that there were apps for Linkedin. Do they send us notifications when these new apps are available and what they do? We’ll just keep reading your blog for the latest and greatest. Thanks

  3. I am an app lover so this was a great article for me. I look forward to using your tips!

  4. Although I am on LinkedIn, I have not been consistent in my usage. Belong to groups but have not approached the platform to connect and apply strategy as with other ones. Bokmarking this info for when I’m ready.

  5. Great article Edmund. I really need to get back into Linkedin. I know there are sooooo many benefits. Thanks for the motivation.

  6. I have to say… I didn’t really realize there were LinkedIn apps.. but I am a free member and well… don’t spend near the time that I should on LI. I will take a look at these. Thanks E!

  7. I’m terrible and never log in to LinkedIn


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