Increasing Your Visibility by Getting Business Page Likes

Getting business page likes

Ready to get more “likes” for your page?  Getting more likes helps prospective customers to feel confident in trusting your business. They’re a form of social proof that your business is credible.  By using proven strategies, getting more likes isn’t a matter of chance – it’s the result of proven practices of providing great content to people interested in your products or services.

In an increasingly social marketing atmosphere, social proof of your business’s success and popularity is increasingly important in two main ways.

  • For starters, search engines such as Google take social cues into account when delivering results of a search engine query.

  • In the context of Facebook, having social proof in the form of ”Likes” for your Business Page is incredibly important. However, these Likes need to be from people who are relevant to your brand and who are engaging with your content. Just having a large number of likes, but having little to no engagement on your page will not ultimately boost your marketing efforts on Facebook.

This is why it’s important not to buy likes for Facebook, and why even the use of Facebook Business Page parties and other social media promotion groups online can be a questionable strategy. If people are liking your page, but not interacting with your content, or they’re interacting in a way that is superficial and clearly unrelated to the context of the content that you post, it won’t give you anywhere near the benefit that you’re looking for.  Rather, you would be better off having a smaller following of highly targeted fans who regularly interact with and share your content with their own networks.

Why Page Likes Matter

  • Gain Exposure:  Page Likes, along with many other factors, all work together to determine how many people see the content you produce on Facebook.

  • Lead Generation:  Getting more Page Likes from targeted followers is a great way to generate leads for your business!  (However, if you focus your efforts primarily on gaining Page Likes and not on fostering high levels of engagement, it’s going to eventually backfire as people hide your content and/or unlike your page)

  • Social Proof:  There is tremendous value in “social proof” when it comes to having a high number of Likes on your Fan Page.

Take Action:  10 Great Ways to Get More Business Page Likes

#1 – Invite your e-mail contacts.

#2 – Invite your friends from your Personal Profile.

#3 – Host a giveaway for “likes”. Note – Facebook has rules for the way you can and can’t do promotions. This is one reason it pays to have a professional social media consultant or manager you can strategize with, unless you are willing to keep up to date on Facebook’s rules and changes.

#4 – Link to your Business Page as your employer in the “About” section of your personal profile.

#5 – Include a link to your Facebook Business Page in the signature of your email program.

#6 – Make sure your calls to action inviting people to “Like” your page are strong and to the point. (Ask people to do one thing – Like your page.)

#7 – Targeted Facebook advertising can help by introducing your page to a wider audience of people likely to be interested in it based on the demographic information you used to target your ad.

#8 – Make sure your posts on Facebook are highly visual. Posts and pages with great visuals get more likes than those without.

#9 – Connect your page with a cause. This works especially well for nonprofits, but brands have been able to use this tactic as well. Think about what your goal is. Is it to become the number one provider of service in your niche? Let your audience know that by clicking “like” on your page, they’re helping you to reach your goal of becoming the number one business in your field. People like to be part of a cause and they’re more likely to do what you ask.

#10 – Post content related to trending topics – but make sure to tie it into what you do. If you can connect your expertise with something that’s going on in the world, you’re likely to gain interest (and Likes) from people who want to know more about that topic.

Which of the 10 ways above is your favorite?  Do you have a favorite that wasn't mentioned above?  I would love to hear what you think.  Leave a comment below!


  1. I'm starting a new Facebook page from scratch (instead of changing the name of my old one) so it's been tough to start from scratch. Thanks for the great tips and building page Likes again – perfect timing!

  2. Hey Edmund, great post, this point resonanted with me the most "Make sure your calls to action inviting people to “Like” your page are strong and to the point. (Ask people to do one thing – Like your page.)" Since Facebook switched over to the timeline layout most people forgot that you can still likegate through your tabs.


  3. There is always something new to learn! Thanks Edmund.

  4. Great ideas. Not sure what my favourite is. I think it would be advertising but I don't really do a lot of it. 

  5. Great post! One of the best things I did was link my FB business page to my About section on my personal profile so that people could find me easily without a lot of hassle. I know that if people have to search, they are not going to bother!

  6. I noticed that you did mention participating in Facebook Fridays. I actually don't find much value in that anymore either. It's a lot of work and the favor is rarely returned. Additionally, you would not be attracting the proper audience.

  7. The email signature is a big favorite for many! They want to look professional though, and look for ways to have great graphics.  We are looking good according to your list of 10 suggestions! yea!!!



  8. Super Post Edmund! Easy to follow, straight to the point and highly valuable content 🙂 

  9. Great information! Inviting your friends from your personal profile to like your business page is a great idea. Which is your favorite?


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