How to Use Social Media for Marketing Like Social Media Examiner: Top 5 Tips for Brands

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One of the best parts of my job as a Social Media Consultant is staying on top of current trends in social media for marketing. I know not everyone likes it when platforms change, but when information comes out that gives the big picture of the industry as a whole, I love it.

So when Social Media Examiner recently released its 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, I couldn't wait to go through its contents and find the information to share that will give you the best and fastest return on investment.  

Here are 5 of the top findings that I think you will find interesting – and that you can put into practice right now to strengthen your company's marketing.

Social Media For Marketing: 5 Tips from Social Media Examiner's 2013 Industry Report

#1 – Videos are growing in importance

According to the report, a surprising 69% of marketers are planning to bump up their You Tube marketing, making this the single biggest area of focus for marketers.

If you weren't planning on increasing your use of video – you might want to reconsider. If your competition is including video on You Tube as a marketing tool and you're not, it will make your business look dated by comparison.

#2 – Podcasts are only getting hotter!

It seems like 2013 might be called the year of the podcast!  The contrast between the current state and the plans for the future is pretty striking. Only 5% of marketers report using podcasting now as a form of social media for marketing, but 24% of marketers report that they'll be increasing their use of podcasting this year.  Not only that, but 32% of marketers say that they want to learn more about podcasting. 

It's easy to think that if you don't like podcasts, that you can skip it. But the fact is – your audience likely includes a mix of people with lots of learning types, including auditory. Podcasts are a great way for already busy business owners to gain and digest new information on the go.

#3 – Blogging is a must-have skill

Blogging isn't going away, not by a long shot. But if you're not comfortable with blogging – you're not alone. A whopping 62% of marketers want to learn more about blogging this year, and a staggering 66% will be increasing the amount they blog as well. 

Are you comfortable blogging? Is it a skill you need to learn more about, or is it one that would make more sense to outsource to an experienced content marketer?

#4 – Marketers know the importance of tactics and engagement

In terms of techniques to master, 88% of marketers say that they want to learn the most effective social media tactics and how to engage with their audience in the best ways.

While some of the specifics of social media platforms change faster than many people would like, this is one area that really hasn't changed at all. The best social media marketing is all about engaging with your audience with quality, relevant content.

#5 – Is your Facebook marketing effective? Most marketers aren't sure!

It sounds strange to me – but many marketers don't know if their Facebook marketing is effective.  In fact, only about 37% think that using Facebook social media for marketing is effective.  Yikes! 

If you fall into that camp, you'll want to connect with a consultant who can help you evaluate what your results are, clarify your goals, and make sure your social media marketing activities are as profitable and effective as possible.

Question: Which finding didn't surprise you (because it's an area you struggle with)?  Leave a comment – I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Awsome article ,Edmund.I'm loving the new way you can market online! I appreciate all the great tips you give here on your website! I need to make myself do get busy with videos! 

    Elizabeth Maness recently posted..Keyword Research is now a Dirty Trick?My Profile

  2. As a marketing neophyte, I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon your reservoir of information – keep it coming!

    Thanks 🙂 


  3. Tip #5 – I'm becoming increasingly disillusioned with Facebook.  There have been so many FB changes (I just learned that FB recently made a new rule that outlawed more than 20% text in the cover photo on pages).  And "fans' on my fan page who've been loyal followers are asking me, "Why haven't I heard from you?  There's nothing in my feed!" (I post, reach out, & engage daily).  Though there's resources like a cover compliance tool, it's just starting to become glaringly easier to move on over to the party at Google+.   

    • Can you explain some more about this new rule that outlaws more than 20% text in the cover photo on pages? And is this why your fans haven't heard from you. I feel the same way, wondering if we're really being seen by our fans, so then in turn we're being seen by their friends.

  4. Thanks for summarizing this into the truly important points, Ed.  For me, I stay away from video and podcasting since I naturally prefer to read rather than listen. Thanks so much for pointing out how important these forms of media are becoming!

  5. Great post, Edmund! I'm working on shooting some videos…they are by far the hardest thing for me to do! "YouTube can be a Movie Star"…coming soon! 🙂

  6. Great article Edmund.  I need to work on all areas; it's easy to feel overwhelmed and not know which one to start with, but realizing more and more to "just do something" every day .. .to be consistent!   Appreciate all the great info!

  7. Great tips indeed on using Social Media for Marketing. Blogging really is a must-have skill, it's all about the content. Thank you for sharing, will definitely take note.

  8. Even as a social media consultant, I struggle with the effectiveness of Facebook.  Too many constant changes make it difficult for the small business owner to keep up, let alone analyze their effectiveness on this platform.  Even today, Facebook just launched a Facebook ads facelift.

    I see major brands continuing to run contests that are against Facebook rules, facebook pages that have way more than 20% text on their timeline photos – this just demonstrates how difficult it is to keep up.

  9. In addition to running my own company, I am helping my husband's mortgage company with their marketing efforts and after interviewing 8 different marketing companies to take over all digital and offline marketing including revamping their website, the one consistent theme we heard over and over is how important video and blogging will remain. My husband still doesn't believe it to be true but he is a self-proclaimed dinosaur 🙂 Thanks Edmund!

  10. Great post Edmund.  Thanks for sharing your top 5 tips and keeping us informed. 

  11. Thanks for your tips Edmund!! They are very useful and I am very greatful for you to provide us with them.

  12. Thanks Edmund for all the great tips. I find them very informative and easy to put into action. In regards to videos how important is it's length? I'm sure content of the video is key but what is too long? Thank you sir. ~ David

  13. What podcast software would u recommend I have a mac computer

    • One suggestion is you can use Instacast.  It’s a podcast app that works for Mac


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