How to Use SEO for Twitter for Maximum Traffic and Conversion

seo for twitter

When it comes to SEO for Twitter or other social media platforms, there used to be a sense that each was its own specialty, with unique strategies designed to increase your online exposure for maximum marketing benefit.

But in reality – they're more like two different sides of the same coin.

Without either of them, the other isn't as effective as it can be.

But using SEO and social media marketing together can net you the maximum amount of traffic and boost your conversion like nothing else.

How SEO for Twitter Can Boost Your Traffic and Increase Conversions

Use keywords, not just concepts.

Many social media strategists will tell you to produce content that your followers are interested in. But if you take it a step farther and strategically include keywords in the content of your Tweets, you'll be gaining maximum SEO for your Twitter efforts.

What are your ideal customers and followers searching for on Twitter that you want to be found for?  Include those words as hashtags in your Tweets. Also think about the phrases you use often in your niche – those are worth including in your Twitter content as well.

More on keywords and SEO for Twitter

Another way to boost the effectiveness of your SEO for Twitter strategy is to look at your blog posts and the keywords they're optimized for. Use those keywords in your Tweets promoting your posts. As those Tweets are shared and engaged with, you'll gain SEO value for that post from it.

Tweet smarter, not harder

Given how many messages people receive on a daily (hourly!) basis via multiple social media channels, standing out isn't just about being loudest. It's about tweeting at the right time and place for your Tweet to stand out and be relevant.

There are a few ways to do this. You can analyze your past Twitter data to find out when your Tweets typically get the most engagement, via replies, favorites or shares. One such tool that helps you do this is Tweriod. It analyzes your Tweets and your followers' Tweets and lets you know when your Tweets get the most exposure.

You can also take a look at a tool like TrendSpotter to connect with larger trends on Twitter and make that interest work for you.  Many marketers do this during popular events, for instance. During the Olympics last year, brands used hashtags related to the Olympics to gain attention while the world was interested in the Games. The same thing happened during the 2012 US Presidential election.

Optimize your profile with keywords

Do you see a theme here with the mention of keywords?  Your Twitter profile is another place that you should use keywords judiciously (individual words or phrases) to make your profile more likely to be found by someone searching for your products or services.  If you have a link to your site in your profile (you should), optimizing your profile for keywords that are similar to your website's keywords also increases the SEO value of that link.

How do you use SEO and Twitter together to be found by your customers and prospects online? Leave a comment below!


  1. Wow! I feel like I have had my head in the clouds! I NEVER considered SEO for twitter!! But of course it would make a difference!! Thanks Edmund! It's things like this that make me a huge fan of yours!! Keep me on track! Ha!

  2. Sheesh…ignore previous response…apparently my fingers are on a separate circuit from my brain. What I intended to say was that every time I read your posts, Edmund, I end up with more work! 😉 Good info…thanks for posting.

  3. I don't think I have given much attention to Twitter in terms of SEO. I have gathered followers but never focused on using keywords in my Tweets, very interesting, I guess the same must apply to Facebook, finding longer keywords that are less competitive and including them in your comments probably can have you ranking and bringing in a bit of traffic, great article Edmund!

  4. P.S. Went to Tweriod and got my report. Fascinating! Thanks again for providing great information.

  5. Great information, as always, Edmund.  It's those little things that make such a big difference!


  6. I so appreciate and benefit from your posts! Great resource, great information! Thank you.

  7. Great info as always, Edmund! Going to run a report now to check my stats!

  8. Great info as always Edmund! I need to pay more attention to twitter and look at the keywords that I am using. Thanks

  9. Great information as usual.  Thanks so much for sharing your insight.

  10. Great reminder, Edmund! I think it's so easy to forget about using keywords on Twitter because we (or at least I) tend to tweet so much. I like to use hashtags with keywords (and to be silly, don't ask!) when possible too!

  11. Love this Edmund! As always I learn so much by dropping by here!

  12. learned so much with this article…  putting "Optimize your profile with keywords" right now… thanks for posting

  13. very good information and eye opener for using TWITTER for seo promotion ……….Thanks a lot …….I WILL TRY TO USE IT NOW 

  14. I'm learning so much about social media, this article taught me what SEO was and how to use it to your advantage. Thanks Edmund.

  15. We have just started using a new company for our SEO along with brand new website design. Although they have some fab ideas this is actually one of the best I’ve heard and so easy to do! I will definitely be suing this technique. Thank you very much.


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