How to Use Google Plus as your Networking Secret Weapon

How to Use Google Plus

One of the top social media networks (second only to Facebook!), Google Plus is a networking powerhouse for businesses!  For many, Google Plus is seen as more serious than Facebook but friendlier and easier to use than the other business oriented platform, aka LinkedIn.

The importance of reaching your customers and your key connections via a variety of social media platforms (as well as your website and email) was illustrated earlier this year when the Pew Research Center released results of a study on social media usage.

The surprising finding in their study was that more than half of Facebook members in the US reported having taken breaks from this popular social platform.  While it might be the most popular platform, it's the one people are most likely to get frustrated with when it changes.

Clearly, having all of your social media eggs in one platform's basket is a recipe for disaster!  Making sure you're using Google Plus for networking and reaching your ideal customer can help you weather changes in social media usage patterns.

If you're not familiar with how to use Google Plus for networking, let me help you get familiar with the various ways you can use this key social media platform to connect with thought leaders in your industry and boost your own reputation at the same time.

How to Use Google Plus As Your Networking Secret Weapon

#1 – Complete Your Profile

It's first on the list for a reason – it's one of the "low hanging fruit" for better networking online, and a surprising number of people don't do it! Make sure your profile is complete, that you've included relevant keywords naturally in every section, and that you've included URLs connecting to your site where appropriate.

#2 – Get Your Vanity Profile

Rumor has it that Google Plus will eventually neaten up their URL structure for profiles, but in the meantime, head over to and get a URL for your profile that's much easier to remember, much less give out to others.

#3 – Use Circles Strategically

If you're new to Google Plus networking, this is a perfect time to build your Circles with some thought. Circles are the Google Plus answer to friend and follower lists on other platforms – they're how you organize all of the people you're connected with.

Take some time to name your Circles in a way that makes sense (Friends, Family, Colleagues, Prospects, Customers, Potential Team Members, etc.) so you can fine tune your networking and marketing efforts appropriately. Not to mention that it also allows you to post those crazy vacation pictures for your close friends without your boss or coworkers seeing them.

#4 – Search Google Plus To Find Great, Relevant Content To Share

One of the ways to increase your influence is to share content in your niche. It's best when it's awesome content you've created, but curating a collection of great content in your field is also a great way to be seen as a thought leader in your niche. You'll find as people share your original and curated content, you'll be added to their circles more and more often.

#5 – Use Google Hangouts To Host Group Chats

People love to truly connect with others, and a Google Hangout is an easy and free way to host a live chat on a topic in your niche. And – here's a bonus – it's recordable, too. 

Using Google Plus for a networking edge couldn't be simpler. Which ideas will you implement in the next 10 days?  Do any of them confuse or scare you? Leave a comment – would love to hear from you!


  1. really great article.I personally had a lot of problems using Google+,hoping I wouldn’t now.

    • Sometimes it takes a little time to learn.  Just continue exploring and experimenting.  You’ll get the hang of it with time.

  2. Thanks Edmund,

    I've got all those covered except for the Google hangouts.  I don't have speakers or a camera on my computer (AND I have a first edition iPad which doesn't have them either).  Gotta get those soon!

    • Yes yes, especially since video almost always open up when going onto a hangout.  Those are must haves!  

  3. When talking about biz in relation to online networking, your profile should be appealing enough so that it can caught other's attention. Your blog is such a helpful post for those in the networking  field. Good job!


  4. Much appreciated brother! This advice gives a nice little opening to do a lot more with this platform! 

  5. I haven't been using G+ enough because I haven't taken the time to learn as much as I should be.  SO many platforms, so little time!

    As more people use hangouts, will fewer people need webinar services like Go2Webinar and Webex and WowWe and such?

    • Interesting to see where things are headed huh?  I know I’ve been using hangouts more and more, especially with the ability to record them.

  6. I have updated my profile but not sure what to do next. Thanks for this useful post. Thanks Edmund

    • Anson, next step would be to build those circles and connect with other individuals.  Take it step by step 🙂

  7. Great article Edmund.  Thanks for the reminder.   I must focus more on Google+.

  8. I never really considered #3 point…thanks, its a great read

  9. Edmund thanks for the great ideas about Google Plus. I have been using it for sometime now and am finding more benifits to using it. I havent really thought about how google plus hangout could be of a benifit. But will be using it in the future. Best wishes to you.

  10. Awesome article. So many shy away from Google+ due to lack of knowledge and the fear of the unknown. You have outlined it for ALL to get started. I absolutely need to do more hangouts. Happy Saturday! 

    • Thanks Allison! There’s nothing to fear about Google+. We just have to step up and explore on new things! Isn’t that exciting? 😉


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