How to Revive Your Nearly Dead Google Plus

Does Your Google Plus Profile Need Resuscitation

Does Your Google Plus Account Need to Be Resuscitated? 

The head of Google Plus has recently left the company, but declaring the death of this social network is premature at best. At worst, overlooking Google Plus could leave your Google search rankings gasping for breath.

It’s Not Dead Yet

By Google’s last count in October 2013, there were 540 million active monthly users of Google plus with 300 million monthly users active in the stream.

While it’s still not at the level of Facebook or Twitter, those numbers don’t exactly indicate that Google Plus is a ghost town.

The number of images uploaded weekly to Google Plus was approximately 1.5 billion photos per week at last count. Those are an awful lot of pictures for a service that “nobody” is using.

From my perspective, having fewer user accounts on Google Plus has actually been one of its strengths. Google Plus tends to have fewer fake profiles than either Facebook or Twitter. This means that as you network with others and fill your circles, you’re more likely to form higher quality connections with the people you meet on Google Plus.

Why a Dead Google Plus Account Is A Bad Thing

If you started a Google Plus account a long time ago and you haven’t updated it much since, here’s what that tells your customers and prospects.

You either don’t have anything to say (meaning you lack knowledge and experience and they should go to someone else), you don’t have anything to offer (meaning you haven’t positioned yourself to solve your customers’ problems and again, they should go somewhere else), or you don’t care enough about your brand to try to make a decent impression (which in your customers’ eyes means they should go to someone else).

Are you catching my drift? 

Having a dormant Google Plus page tells prospective customers they should do business with someone else.  

How To Bring Your Google Page Back from the Dead

Refresh your visual content

Updating your profile picture or creating a new header image is one way to breathe new life into your Google Plus account or brand page.

This is especially important if you’ve updated your logo or overhauled your brand’s website. You’ll want to make sure that your Google Plus page is consistent with the rest of your brand’s assets in terms of overall look, color schemes, etc.

Review and update your profile information

Assuming your profile is complete, this is a good time to take a look and refresh it if there are new or updated aspects to what your brand has to offer customers. (If your profile isn’t complete, you’ll want to start there first.)

These 2 Kinds of Content Will Jumpstart Your Google Plus Activity

Your original content and other people’s content are the two kinds of content that will reanimate a dormant Google Plus account.

1. Add Your Own Content To Google Plus

There are 2 different ways to add your own content to Google Plus.  You can do it, or you can have other people do it.  Actually – it’s not an either/or thing. You should be using both ways of generating activity and engagement on Google Plus.

When you’re adding your content to Google Plus, remember that it’s a more professional network than Facebook.  So you want to be extra aware of how much value your posts on Google Plus provide.  Fewer posts of higher value is the ideal strategy for posting on Google Plus. 

Besides posting tips, tasteful humor, and encouragement, you should also make sure that any new content on your website is posted to Google Plus as well.  Every time you add a new blog post, for example, share it to Google+ and get it started. 

2.       Help other people add your content to Google Plus

Create amazing blog content and make sure it’s easily sharable to Google Plus. One way to keep your Google Plus profile fresh is to give people the ability to engage with your website content via +1s (click here to read Google’s instructions to add the +1 button to your site), comments, and sharing.  Make sure to set up your Google authorship, too, to help your website’s SEO as your content is shared.

3.       Add other people’s content to Google Plus

Curating content related to your brand is a great way to increase your activity and share valuable information with your audience. Curating content means sharing others’ content and links, giving credit to them in the process. It doesn’t mean claiming credit for work that isn’t your own.

Some people who are new in business think that if they share information created by others, somehow this diminishes their value in their customers’ eyes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sharing carefully selected information relevant to your audience is a great way to demonstrate your own thought leadership and confidence.

Question:  Is your Google Plus profile in need of a good dusting off?  Commit to take this action step today and leave a comment when you’re done!


  1. Great stuff Edmund and being from the SEO side of things, my rule and suggestion has always been… create, have and use your Google + because it is Google, keep them happy and with tools such as HootSuite, it enables you to post to it easily. Great tips!

    • That’s true! And there are a lot of G+ features that we can integrate to our businesses’ operations’. Awesome, isn’t it?

    • As I was reading this article I can see the benefit of dusting off my Google+ account but the TIME was scary to me. Thanks for reminding me of Hootsuite!

      • Right! You don’t have to be on it 24/7 since you can always use helpful and reliable tools like Hootsuite. 

  2. Very thorough post content. Thanks Edmund. Great job!  I make sure I keep my google+ up to date. You never know!!  P

    • Yep! You never know! 😉

  3. We, so, do not use google plus like we should. I guess we should make sure something is there and it is updated.

    • Yes. We have to take a step further to make sure we are sharing valuable and updated content out there, so that we can reach our target audience. =)

    • GREAT! Good to hear that some of the tips here are working for you! =)

  4. Edmund, I really need to work on g+. Thanks for this jumpstarting article!

    • You're welcome, Beth! Feel free to inbox me if you have any questions about G+. I'm just around the corner to help you out.

  5. Edmund, thanks for this great information. I need to start dusting off my Google +

    • Thanks as well and good luck! 😉

  6. Really great post and this has come at the right time. I just started re-using Google Plus a couple of weeks ago and really enjoying it.

    • Awesome! Good to know you're enjoying it! 

  7. I admit I'm a g+ slacker.  I don't do much there.  I've gotten business and lots of friends via twitter and facebook.  Taking that kind of time and energy for yet another platform doesn't appeal to me much in my busy life.  So I've tended to lean on facebook, play on twitter some as well, and just have the others be…. THERE.   Alrighty, I'll dust it off a bit– it's on the to do list!  Thanks Edmund.

    • You're welcome! Just a hint… It's worth being on G+. It may take some of your valuable time to set it up or take care of it, but it's all worth it! After all, it is Google. 😉


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