How Safe is your Edge Rank from Facebook’s Next Change?

Is Your Fan Page Safe from Facebook Algorithm Changes?

Did your brand’s Facebook page suffer as a result of Facebook’s last algorithm update? If so, you aren’t the only one. I know – that’s not exactly reassuring when you’re tearing your hair out. 

But there were a number of brands that have experienced a dip in their engagement related statistics since Facebook’s Story Bump and Last Actor changes started rolling out to users.   And maybe you’re one of the people who’s scrambling to catch up – and already looking ahead, wondering just how many times you’ll find yourself behind the power curve, having to react to whatever Facebook’s next change is. Because hopefully you’ve figured out now that social media network change is the rule rather than the exception.

Underneath all of the noise and complaining about the change, there’s been one thing that’s often ignored at least by marketers who want to use Facebook to blast messages about how great their product or service is and hope that if they blast it enough times, they’ll play the numbers and find people who are interested. But in the meantime, everyone else spends time hiding that kind of content. 

Was Facebook Just Trying to Annoy You?

But here’s the thing. According to Facebook, the average user has about 1500 different messages that cross his or her newsfeed each day. And unless they don’t have a life outside of Facebook, there’s just no way they’re going to find the time to sift through all 1500 messages each and every day.

So the point of Facebook’s algorithm changes is to help users see the content they’re most likely to want to see, the content that’s most likely to be valuable to them. 

Of course it’s Facebook’s best guess.  But I’d say that using signals such as showing content from the people you’ve interacted with most recently (Last Actor) and content getting outstanding engagement from the pages and people you’re connected with (Story Bump) is a pretty good guess when it comes to deciding what might be most valuable to you. 

Do you see the common thread in these two (of many) tweaks to the algorithm?

It’s still all about engagement. It’s about creating content that makes a difference to your particular fans, content they just naturally want to share because it’s stood out to them in some particular way.

What’s the Secret to Change-Proofing Your Page?

So what’s the secret to making your Facebook Fan Page “Facebook-Change Proof” so it comes out strong each time Facebook makes another of these engagement-related tweaks?

Know exactly who you’re talking to.

When you post on your Facebook fan page, who are you talking to? Do you see yourself as standing on a virtual podium, broadcasting to a room full of people?


Instead – I’m recommending something a bit different. You might think it goes against logic, but hear me out. 

If you’ve been intentional about attracting your ideal customer to your fan page, instead of marketing to everyone there, market to one specific person. This means you have to know *exactly* who your ideal customer is. Not just a “type.” But one specific person. Is your customer male or female? Young or old? Is she a high school graduate, has he attended some college, or does she have a graduate level education?  Where does this person shop? What are his dreams? What are her fears?  What are your customer’s serious pain points?

When you’re trying to increase engagement and change-proof your Facebook page, make sure your posts speak to your ideal customer personally.  This is the #1 secret to having your ideal customer feel like you’ve talked directly to him or her. And that is powerful motivation to engage on your Fan Page.

QUESTION:  How specifically do you know your ideal customer?  Leave a comment below!


  1. Great points Edmund. Of course it's pointless to worry about what the NEXT change FB might make since it doesn't always make sense and there's no rhyme or reason to it. Work with what's there and adapt as the changes come out.

  2. Like Michael said, I try not to worry about anything that is out of my control and focus on simply providing content that will give me the recognition and credibility I want for my company. 

  3. Edmund, your content never disappoints!

  4. Interesting post! It is indeed very essential that your customers feel that they are valued. What do you think is the best way to show this?

  5. Edmund, great content as always.  Thank you for sharing.


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