How To Find A Job Using LinkedIn: Three Easy Tips

how to find a job using linkedin

How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn: 3 Tips You Can Use Today

One of the most popular and powerful social networks for advancing your career and your business is LinkedIn.  I've noticed a number of people starting to emphasize this platform more in recent weeks, and I think that is because people are beginning to get the clue that there is a whole lot more to this network than just putting your resume on there and connecting to the people you went to college with!

Truth be told, LinkedIn is a tremendous and powerful platform in so many ways, whether you're an entrepreneur, if you're looking for a strategic partnership, or if you are hoping to find a more traditional job in your area of expertise.

That last part is what I want to focus on today – how to use LinkedIn to find your ideal job.

How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn

When it comes to using LinkedIn to find a job – your profile is the place to begin. Optimizing your profile so that you are found by people who want the skills and experience you offer is the best thing you can do to increase your chances of finding employment quickly.

#1 – Make sure you've completed your profile

It sounds obvious, doesn't it?  But – here's the thing. There are a ton of people who haven't completed their profile online, and when someone comes across your profile and sees that there are sections you haven't bothered to complete, it sends a huge red flag. If you don't care enough about your success to complete your profile, your prospective employers will assume you won't care about your work for their company.

A complete profile includes a professional picture – one that shows you in attire appropriate for the position you're seeking. For many people that will be a business suit, but there are situations in which other kinds of clothing and less formality might be appropriate. In either case, make sure that your background isn't distracting. 

Also – use the headline!  This is one of the most useful pieces of real estate your profile offers!  Make sure that you include what makes you unique, not just the position you're looking for.  Anyone can do that – find a way to stand out.

Make sure that the summary matches your resume, and that it includes information that communicates who you are, what you're all about, and what you bring to the table as an employee.

#2 – Get recommendations

Make sure that you invite your prior satisfied clients and colleagues to leave a recommendation for you on LinkedIn. Finding a job is much easier when you have testimonials from people who have appreciated  your work in the past.

However – make sure you're asking for them from people who really know your abilities.  It's very bad form to ask for recommendations from people you haven’t worked with.  And it screams unethical. And somehow…it always gets around if that's how you operate.

#3 – Update your content regularly

LinkedIn is not a platform where you can set it and forget it. In order to be seen as relevant in your field, you need to be updating your own content regularly. Additionally, joining a group and contributing to the collective knowledge within that group is a great way to boost your position as an authority figure in your field.

What part of LinkedIn do you like the most?  What challenges you the most on this platform? Leave a comment below!


  1. Great article on the value of LinkedIn from a jobs perspective! Thanks for sharing, Edmund!

  2. Good stuff, Edmond! I need to work the groups more. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Great post, Edmund! I love LinkedIn and have made several changes to my Profile to maximize my information in search results. I consider LinkedIn to be the "Wall Street" of Social Media, but definitely need to spend a little bit more time in it to better utilize the tools available!

  4. Real value here in helping me understand LinkedIn's appeal! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing these important tips. It's true that LinkedIn is like the forgotten sibling but it is so very powerful that people should truly not neglect it's worth! 🙂

    • You’re welcome Dr. Daisy!

  6. Excellent tips for using LinkedIn to find a new job.  LinkedIn has made many changes but I believe that this goes back to its original intention.

    Thanks, Edmund.

  7. Edmund, I know we need to get with it and hop onto LinkedIn. Thanks for the reminder. I needed it!

    • Yeah, they’ve definitely upped their ante in terms of the look/feel.

  8. Great article Edmund, I have done the three steps you have here described, but in order to do some business. Thank you very much! 

    • You’re welcome Lermit. Great to hear!

  9. Excellent tips to follow.  Thank you Edmund.  

  10. Excellent information on How to find a job using LinkedIn.

    Thank you, Edmund Lee

  11. Love this article! I see so many profiles that are not completed and you're right, it looks like you couldn't bother to take the time. Coming from an HR background, I definitely take a look at that.

  12. Thanks Edmund. These are very useful tips. The bit about completing profile, especially with photograph, is quite crucial and obvious.
    Yet, you find the majority being very care-free about it. I am sharing this with a lot of ‘guilty’ people I know. 😉


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