How Do I Search On Pinterest?

how do i search on pinterest

Pinterest is a beautiful thing. 

Unless you need to search it.

As visual forms of social media go, it really is a thing of beauty – a rich collection of pin boards, updated by people all over the world.  You could find anything there. 

As long as you can answer “how do I search on Pinterest?”

Like any other search engine, Pinterest cannot “see” the content of the picture in any meaningful way.  Unlike any other search engine, it has no ability to reference the title of a picture to determine its content.  Even if the names of the pictures give specific descriptions, Pinterest doesn’t read file names.  Hence it has no clue that one picture is a lovely wedding dress and the other is a still photo of your garage band. 

Pinterest relies on pinners choosing appropriate categories for their pictures, in addition to using the pin description field to tell it what a photo is all about. 

There are two main ways to search on Pinterest, and I’ll describe those in a minute.  I’ll also talk about some of the techniques you can use to improve your own descriptions, making your own pins and boards more visible to more people who might be asking, “how do I search on Pinterest?” 

  • At the top left of the Pinterest screen is a text box with a magnifying glass.  This is the search box.  Enter the word you want to search and click the magnifying glass.  Think of variations just in case someone else used a different term.  For example, if you are thinking of wedding ideas, look under wedding, reception, bridal, etc.

As a business owner, you can help improve the search abilities of Pinterest while at the same time increasing Pinterest’s value to your own business with the following tips for improving the search ability of your own pins and boards.    

#1 – Use Keyword-Rich Descriptions.

Don’t keyword stuff, but do use a few well chosen keywords that reflect broad ways people might search for your picture on Pinterest and the content it is linked to. 

Double check after you’ve pinned an image to make sure the description reflects the keywords you want it to.  The Google Chrome “Pin-This” menu accessed by right clicking on an image does not automatically give you the option to add a description.  Instead, it pulls the keywords for your website.  This isn’t the best way to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog! 

If a pinned image links to your site, you’ll want to go back to the image once it’s on your pinboard and add a relevant, keyword-rich description for it. 

This leads me to…

#2 – Use Blog Titles For Images Connected To Your Blog

This works well if you are writing strong headlines for your blog posts (and you’ll want to work on writing stronger headlines if need be).  Include your blog post title in the pin description before pinning it to one of your boards.  This gives you greater visibility for your blog as your pin is repinned. 

Pinterest can be a great way to connect with people in a very visual format.  Are you pinning yet?  What do you think of how to search on Pinterest?  Have you found the search function helpful or frustrating?  Leave a comment below!


  1. Great tips, Edmund! Too many times I see where the original pinner has just remarked on the pin and not described it. I'll be certain to keep these things in mind! Thanks 🙂

  2. Awesome information Edmund!  Great tips to help us master Pinterest! 

  3. Thanks for these wonderful tips, Edmund! I will definitely be sharing and using them. 🙂

  4. I think the search function can be Pinterest's biggest weakness, given its graphical nature.  Everyone can find a different way to describe pictures, so it makes it pretty tough to search. 

    I wonder if they could make better use of hashtags like Twitter does, including some autocomplete style suggestions based on popular description words/tags.  It might be a good starting point, anyway. 
    In the meantime, little by little, I think I'm going to learn to love Pinterest! 

    • I’m excited for you! I think it’s really going to come in handy for you.

  5. Thanks for the insights. I generally try to include a keyword rich word when pinning and have had pretty good luck finding other things on Pinterest. There is so much see in general.

    • Including keyword rich words when pinning can definitely have it’s benefits =)

  6. This will be so helpful! Thanks!

    • I’m glad they came in handy Denny =)

  7. Thank you for this very helpful article. I also shared on Pinterest 🙂

  8. Great article.  Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

    • No problem Vicky. Anytime! Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Excellent tips Edmund! I'm learning more and more about pinterest every week thanks to you:) Have a great day!

    • Enjoy the rest of your day as well Dr. Daisy! Glad you’re enjoying the tips!

  10. Awesome as always Edmund. I don't use Pinterest as much as I should especially for business and these tips will help.

  11. really cool! i have been managing traffic for my blog and pintrest usually lands on the 3rd or fourth rank on the referers list. id's use this technique to draw more traffic from my pins 😀 thanks for sharing! i'd sure keep on checking your page for other cool posts!  

  12. Hello..

    But I didn't found what I was looking for, I was looking for how to search on pinterest based on keywords and based on location..

    do you know how to search based on location



  13. How to you search for a complete picture title – Pinterest seems to break the title down and search for the individual words? Thanks…


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