How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Business: Know What Social Media Can’t Do

How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

One of my favorite things to talk about, you might have guessed, is how social media can benefit businesses.  It's an amazing tool for helping a business reach out to its prospects and customers, not only to create profit for themselves, but to be able to provide value for their community (virtual or geographical).

But for all of the things that social media can do – there are a number of very important business skills that it cannot do. And if you want to know how to create a social media strategy for your business, you've got to know what social media can't do.  This way, you won't expect too much from your social media presence and then wonder why it can't do these key tasks in your business.

#1: Social Media Cannot Provide Your Business With a Mission or Vision

While social media is a great tool for communicating your mission and vision with your audience, it's critical for you to know that they in themselves aren't your mission or vision, and your social media tools by themselves cannot provide or reveal that mission or vision to you. It takes honest, focused reflection to be able to determine these key items of focus, and if you aren't serious about determining what they are, you'll never be as effective in your social media strategy as you could be otherwise.

#2: Social Media Can't Care About Your Customers

Once again, social media is a tool for communicating what you feel to your customers. It by itself can't care for your customers. It can't convey an intention that isn't there in the first place. In fact – it merely expresses the thoughts and emotions you input into it in the form of content.  If you don't care about your customers and prospects, one way or another, your social media updates will communicate this very fact to them, often when you least expect it.  And that usually takes the form of a social media disaster gone viral.

It's critical that you approach your customers from the right perspective – truly, you must care about them in order to provide the most value for them. If you don't, sooner or later, they'll tell you goodbye.

#3: Social Media Can't Build Your Business Overnight

Somehow, people have gotten into the mindset of thinking that social media is a quick fix – that all it takes putting up a website and creating a few platforms, and you'll suddenly find yourself ranking number 1 on Google. 

While there are strategies for moving up the search engine results pages quickly, getting found is only one piece of the social media marketing equation.  There's also providing content people naturally want to keep reading and to share.  There's providing customer service that sets you apart as truly legendary. And it's living up to every claim you make in your business with respect to your products or services.

Are there other things social media can't do that are important for business builders to know?  Leave a comment! 


  1. Great topic Edmund! I would add that social media can't be the only strategy you rely on to grow your business. Yes, it does increase your visibility if you use it well, but you still need to meet people in the real world and connect in more traditional ways to develop lasting relationships. I think this is especially true if you provide a service, and not a product.
    Dawn Lanier recently posted..Who Should you Follow on Pinterest? Check your EmailMy Profile

  2. Excellent points across the board, Edmund!

  3. Important information to consider when building a presence on social media! Thanks! Always love your tips!

  4. This is great information, Edmund. I especially like the reminder that nothing happens overnight. A lot of spade work and consistency is required. Thank you!

  5. #1 and 3 are super critical. All of the points you made are important, but the ones I mentioned I think are 100% critical. So many think that social media is the end all-be all, when in fact, like you said, it’s a tool. It complements your business, but it’s NOT your business.
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  6. Great tips! Love how you are sharing what Social Media can't do…unfortunately many will join the various social media platforms expecting a 'miracle' and it takes more than just joining, being active and sharing your mission is key! Thanks so much:)

  7. Edmund, great article and great tips.  I think it is important for business owners and entrepreneurs to know what social media can not do!  Real expectations.  Unfortunately not many focus on the "can nots".  Thanks for bringing this to the board.

  8. Excellent article Edmund. Need to understand both sides to implement an effective strategy. Thank you.


    You've always shown the right path on using Social Media for online business. What is the most effective strategy you could say that worked for you? I know this is a case to case basis, just curious 🙂

  10. Great Article… Social Media Marketing is "new" and users  need to realize that it should be integrated with traditional marketing to make an impact. It's not a quick fix, it takes time and consistancy.

    • Most definitely.  We pay for social media with our “time”.


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