How to Create an Extraordinary Business That Leaves a Legacy


Create An Extraordinary Business That Leaves A Legacy

Have you taken the time to define the Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission for your business?  Even if you're not currently a business owner, would you be able to describe in a few short phrases what you're out to accomplish on this earth?

For the majority of business owners and people living their day-to-day lives, this is for the most part an afterthought.  I mean, with our daily lives being so busy and wanting to "just get through" the day, there's often not that much time to reflect on what really is the driving force for what we are doing.

As one of Michael Gerber’s Dreaming Room Facilitators, I’m fortunate to be a part of a select few of individuals worldwide to lead this entrepreneurial incubator where a business owner is able to tap into their imagination and inspiration to create a truly extraordinary company.

The Dreaming Room

So what are the definitions for the Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission? According to Michael Gerber as he defines it in the Dreaming Room, the definitions are as follows:

Dream – The greater good you want to create.

Vision – The business model to manifest the dream.

Purpose – Your commitment to the people.

Mission – Your system to create the business that accomplishes that dream.

To give you an example of how this plays out in my own business, here is the Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission for my own business and life.

My Dream: To inspire people worldwide to reach their full human potential.

My Vision: To create the McDonald's of Small Business Consulting and Human Potential Training to inspire, educate, and empower the unemployed, underemployed, self employed, and small business owner worldwide.

My Purpose: That every person leaves a legacy before the end of their life.

My Mission: To invent the system through which every individual can transform their lives regardless of their current situation.

So have you taken the time to determine what is the driving force for your business?  Have you taken the time to determine how this will play a role in your daily life?

These 4 items are critical for anybody in life, whether you currently own a business or you don't.  When you are crystal clear on what you are out to accomplish, then opportunities open up all around you in all aspects of your life.

This is the core foundation for any successful business and this is one of the underlying concepts that is covered in The Dreaming Room.  Have you had a chance to put together your Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission yet?

What differentiates your business from every other business out there?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.  I would love to hear from you!


  1. You know Edmund you're right! When you know what it is you want then you can break it down into bite sized pieces and create a system you can deal with! I love your Systems and think you need to go some teaching time!..;) A webinar? 
    Elizabeth Maness recently posted..How to Ruin Your Brand Equity In One Easy StepMy Profile

    • I’ve typically reserved that for coaching clients, but that’s a possibility. We’ll chat 🙂

  2. Very inspiring words, Edmund. You nailed down the points very clearly in your article, especially entrepreneurs. Really, it is man's nature to make a lasting impression to others, right?

    • Right. That’s what allows us to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

  3. Great post on how to achieve your dreams!  With all the news about unemployment and other economic woes, it's nice to read something practical about making your own mark in the world, while still having your head in the clouds and feet on the ground.  Thanks for sharing Edmund!  🙂

  4. One of my favorite topics…dreams, goals and passion! The true ticket to a life of joy! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Nicely done, Edmund. I like the step-by-step instructions. Clear and easy to understand. I'll use your information to work on my own stuff. Thanks.

  6. Great article! Ever since I read Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness and then visited his Zappos Headquarters, I have been working on my mission AND my core values. I’m finding that they keep evolving but I guess that’s to be expected.

    Thanks, Edmund!
    Shelley Webb recently posted..Are You Serving….or Performing?My Profile

  7. I was just speaking about leaving a legacy to a friend a few days ago.  This is an important part of my "why"!  

  8. Being super clear on why you do what you do is so important. I know I'm here to help other moms get in touch with their spiritual side. To heal and release anything that has been bothering them from the past. To help them have better relationships with their kids, their partner, themselves.
    Thank you Edmund!

  9. Your postings are very clear and concise.  The clarity and support you extend encourages readers into a journey to learn and project our best selves to the world.

    Personal Purpose Statement:      I breathe good into the world and celebrate the Divine nature in myself and others.  My Dream:  Inspire others to dream big, plan well, work smart, and believe we are created with purpose for a purpose. My Vision:   I inspire people throughout the world to transform dreams into spectacular realities with powerful, personal action plans.                                                                                                                                                        My Mission: I show others how to transform dreams into goals, goals into a plan of action, and plans into manageable steps with a process, tools, and training that ensures success.

  10. Thanks for sharing this via Twitter yesterday, Edmund. I wouldn't otherwise have seen it and it's very timely and useful guidance as I start to figure out what comes next and how to make my vision a practical reality.

    Very nice to make your acquaintance via Twitter.

  11. I needed this kick in the pants today! Thank you!!

    • You’re very much welcome! 🙂


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