How Content Can Help You Attract and Grow a Loyal Fan Base

Content Marketing Strategies

One of the best strategies to help you attract increasing numbers of visitors to your website, encourage their frequent return, and grow an ever increasing fan base is to use content marketing strategies.

What is content marketing? It's an umbrella term, meaning it includes a number of different meanings. The widest definition includes all types of marketing that include the creation or sharing of content as a means of attracting prospects and customers.

While content marketing is frequently thought of in terms of creating a website or blog, the reality is that there can and should be many different kinds of content created by a business to provide value related to its business niche.

Content marketing should play a key role in your business as you seek to create content that is valuable for people looking for information about the product or service your business offers. Content can be based on research (it's important that you back up your claims or opinions with facts that support them).

Content can also be created as a result of your own experiences. You might even find that your experience-based content, if presented in a way that helps your audience see you as more real, might even be more popular to your readers than the informational content you provide. (You should have an analytics plug in on your website and check it regularly to make sure you know which articles and topics are the most interesting to your readers.) People like to connect with people – real people. And your personal experiences can be shared strategically with your audience, both to help you illustrate concepts and to help your readers get to know you better.

One way to use your content marketing to help you connect with the widest possible audience is to use a variety of media to provide your content. People learn in different styles. Each person has a dominant style (or styles). By providing content in a variety of formats (blogs, social media updates, video, podcasts, etc), your content will resonate with as many people as possible regardless of their dominant learning style.

When using content marketing to attract and grow your audience, it's important to know what the purpose is of each piece of content and of your content overall. Questions to ask include: What does this content do for my audience? Does it teach? Inform? Persuade? Entertain? Amuse? And what is my overall purpose in providing content? Does each piece of content contribute in some way to the overall mission of my business?

As you develop the different kinds of content you provide your audience, you will want to keep one key strategy to keep in mind. The majority of your content should in some way bring your audience back to your website or blog. So if your content includes an inspirational quote graphic, make sure to put your website URL at the bottom. If a regular podcast is one of your content delivery methods, make sure to include several calls to action scattered throughout the podcast. And if you create videos, make sure you are referencing your website in your words and in a way people can see the URL as well.

How are you using content marketing to attract and grow your fan base? I'd love to know – leave me a comment below!


  1. You style of writing is easy to follow and understand. Your advice in this article about content has given me new ideas about my own content writing. A tool I have been using lately is Pearltrees to organize my content as it is created. It gives me a visual of the main categories and how they might create new categories. I think this will give my blog a better flow as I move forward into 2013. Warmly, Susan

    • Go get em’ in 2013! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great post and just finished up my own post after a mini absence.   Always looking for ways to attract new people with writing in mind.

  3. You're right Edmund, good content is so important and you do a great job of supplying it, thank you!

  4. You make a good point Edmund…people learn differently so it is important to use different methods to share content! Another nudge to get making some vidoes!! Thanks!

  5. "One way to use your content marketing to help you connect with the widest possible audience is to use a variety of media to provide your content." I'm a strong believe in this!

  6. Excellent advice, Edmund…"The majority of your content should in some way bring your audience back to your website or blog."…well said…and I think you have hit the nail on the head with this! I need to branch out and use video. 
    Sherie recently posted..These 5 Favorite Trust QuotesMy Profile

  7. I can only hope I am supplying content that is understandable and relatable..I'm trying anyway! 

  8. Great point, Edmund. I learned just last week that one of my readers doesn't like reading my articles revolving around research. It stung a bit, but her point that the articles are "dry" made me realize I need to get back to what I'm good at…story-telling.

  9. Great advice and marketing strategy. its so essential that we are giving value ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi Edmund!
    Thanks for the great tips about content marketing. I focus mainly on writing blog content and driving traffic through social media. Have not gotten into video or podcasts yet but I can see from your point that it's just as important as a content strategy!
    Thanks again! Have a great day.

  11. Great advice Edmund… I especially like "people learn in different styles".  Thanks for sharing.

  12. Awesome post Edmund

    It's good to see that slowly more marketers are starting to think the same instead of pushing our rehashed "spun" article after article and ghost written rubbish (nothing wrong with it if its written well)

    I try to provide value in all my content and I am slowly developing a readership (is that a word?) Video is a new challenge that I enjoy and thinking about Podcasting but dont quite understand the tech side of it just yet….

    I'm also finding the creating powerpoints and pdf's of my posts and submitting them to the approriate sites is generating a surprising amount of traffic

    Keep up the great work

    Best Regards


  13. I've been reading a ton of poeples blogs, twitter feeds, facbook pages,etc. for advice on social media and found all the same redundent information. But with yours it hits the mark. Loved your advice that "content can come from your own experiences" I'm going to take that advice everytime I write. Thanks for sharing.


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