Google Reader Alternatives: LinkedIn to Purchase Pulse Reader

Google Reader Alternatives

Have you been scrambling to find Google Reader alternatives to help you stay up to date and organized with your business reading given its upcoming July 1 demise?

Honestly – the Google reader alternatives out there aren't as well known as Google reader, but that just might change quickly. This past week, LinkedIn purchased a reader app known as Pulse. It's a smart business move, in my opinion. It just might provide one of the best Google Reader alternatives out there. And – even better – it's positioning LinkedIn as the go-to community of choice for serious business leaders.

Here's why the issue of finding Google reader alternatives is so important to you in your business.  One of the most essential things you can do in your business to keep moving forward is to keep growing. By that, I mean that one of your "have-to-do's" on your list of regular business building activities must be staying current in your field by reading, listening to podcasts, etc.

Of course if you're just overwhelmed by too much information cluttering up your e-mail box, it can be frustrating – so being able to keep your subscriptions sorted out and easy to read via a reader application can be helpful. 

And that's why I think LinkedIn just made a seriously smart move by purchasing the Pulse app.

Google Reader Alternatives: Introducing Pulse

If you're not familiar with this alternative to Google Reader, let me give you some info about this app.  It's a platform that aims to give you the power to make your news reading experience your own, no matter if you're reading from a desktop or mobile device. It has 30 million users and is adding new users at an impressive rate of 1 million per month.

And in their own words – the founders of Pulse write on their site that "they seek to make news even more exciting and meaningful"

Pulse has a highly visual interface, no matter where you're reading (desktop or mobile).  It's truly a beautiful way to engage with your favorite content. (And honestly, given the utilitarian approach of the Google Reader, this is a refreshing change!)

For people who enjoy staying current in their field, Pulse will make a visually appealing, almost fun to use alternative to Google Reader in my opinion.  And the fact that it will be connected to LinkedIn is just plain smart.

Here's why.  Many people still see LinkedIn as a place to park a resume and maybe to occasionally network for a new job, but that's about it.

By acquiring the Pulse reader, LinkedIn is showing a commitment to developing a true community for business professionals – those who want to get ahead and stay ahead by following the thought leaders in their industries.

LinkedIn is steadily working to transform itself into the online destination of choice for professionals and is now working to give people one more time to spend time on this business-oriented social network.

What about you? If industry news were easy to find and visually stunning on LinkedIn, do you think you'd spend more time on the network?  Leave a comment below – I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I do use Pulse and although it's home page is a bit too busy for me, I like the format of the articles – easy to read via mobile. I also like Google Currents in order to follow particular blogs that I enjoy reading.. 

  2. The fact that it is easy to use and read for people on the go, makes them a great alternative to Google Reader. I agree it is a great move for LinkedIn… closer to that one stop shop for the business professional.

  3. Great article Edmund, thank you for sharing!  Glad I know about Pulse now!! 🙂

  4. Edmund…this is new for me. I can see great value in it and appreciate learning from you.  Thank you!

  5. Good news… I did not know about it, thanks for sharing it!

  6. Thanks for sharing information on the Pulse reader Edmund, it's good to know of some alternatives to Google Reader.

  7. Insightful views and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.


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