How to Use Google Plus Post Ads For Massive Business Growth

How to Use Google Plus Ads

How to Use Google +Post Ads To Boost Your Engagement and Amplify Your Reach

What if I told you that something is coming that allows you to essentially turn the entire web into your social media platform. It’s seamless with what you’re already doing on social media.  And it’s designed not just to shout at your audience but to foster better engagement with them within a context of providing value. 

Sounds like a great idea, and this is exactly what Google is rolling out (right now in beta form) with Google +Post ads. 

Now before you start worrying that Google+ is taking a cue from the highly monetized blue network that frustrates marketers every time they change, I don’t think that’s what’s happening here.  Sure it’s a form of monetizing Google+. But from my perspective, they’ve done it in a way that helps you use your content to provide value to an even wider audience.


Here’s what you want to know about Google +Post Ads

Announced (quietly) in December 2013, here’s how Google+ Product Manager Eran Arkin described Google +Post Ads:

“+Post ads allow a brand to take a piece of their public Google+ content, like a photo, video or even a Hangout, and with a few clicks, turn it into a display ad that can run across the more than 2 million sites in the Google Display Network. This lets brands think of the entire web as their social stream. Bringing together the sharing capabilities of Google+ and the reach of our ad products has already allowed advertisers to better connect with customers, and customers to better discover what others are thinking.”

Google +post ads post

This is content-based advertising, and it’s designed to foster engagement with the people most likely to be interested in your brand.  With +Post Ads, you can choose to promote a piece of your Google+ content. Your content is displayed on a relevant site – complete with the ability to +1, comment, and share the content right then and there from whatever site your prospect is on.  Using targeted marketing tools, you can make sure that the Google+ content you promote is displayed in a highly relevant context, helping you introduce even more people to your Google+ presence. 

How To Use Google +Post Ads To Grow Your Business

#1  Amplify Your Reach

Google +Post Ads put your quality content in front of people likely to find it valuable – even if they’re not yet using Google Plus. In a sense, this makes every site in the Google Display Network your social network. 

#2  Encourage Engagement With Your Content

More eyes on your great content means that you’re more likely to have people engaging with your content.  This is one of the key benefits of social advertising. People see their friends and colleagues engaging with your content and it encourages them to do the same.

And think creatively about the kinds of content you promote.  You can promote regular posts, but you can also promote Hangouts on Air.  This could be huge!  This isn’t just about fostering engagement – it also is a great way to increase your thought leadership in your field. 

#3  Increase Your Relevance for SEO Benefit

It’s no secret that Google includes social engagement as one factor in your ranking on search engine results pages.  Displaying your content in an appropriate context in multiple places across the web will add significant SEO value and perceived relevance in the eyes of Google.  This could seriously boost your rankings on organic search!

Google Plus Post Ads are still in a beta mode. But with the potential this feature offers, I think it’s the perfect time to begin learning how to use this feature to amplify your reach and grow your business. 

The reasons to use Google +Posts are many – what’s your take? Will you incorporate this into your promotion mix?  Leave me a comment – I love hearing from you!


  1. I'm really excited about Google+ ads, and will definitely be planning it into my promotions.  I just hope they use the opportunity to create something that is different to the 'blue network', and that doesn't leave everyone jaded and feeling ripped off.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Sounds like a good plan. I hope everything will turn out fine for you and your business. 

  2. You rock Edmund!

    One of the first post I've seen on this and really think Google Plus for Business is Huge and only going to get bigger. Great thing is it isn't cluttered yet and creates opportunities for those utilizing it now. 

    Great video also 🙂 

    • Yeah! Google+ offers a lot of opportunities and we better grab them NOW!

  3. We are not yet using Google Plus post ads so I'm thinking we better start taking advantage of them soon. I will totally be referring to your tips for guidance. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m glad my tips came in handy. =)

  4. Thanks for the reminder Edmund.  I still need to wrap my brain around Google+! Ihave advwords and search engine written all over my mind… can't seem to shift they can be of value from a socialo media point of view!  LOL!  Great job! p

    • Thanks Patricia! Looks like you already have a game plan in mind as far as Google+ is concerned. Keep it up! 😉

  5. Turning the entire web into your social media platform. I like that idea. Top post Edmund.

    • Glad you like it! Thanks!

  6. This was great Edmund… found this to be very informative and this was the first that I have heard of it also. Interesting video… like remarketing social… visual and shows the social aspect. Pretty cool and well… keeps Google happy.. which is a must! 😉

    • If Google’s happy, we can be happy as well, especially if it benefits our businesses 😉


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