Get The Secret Advantage: How to Network On LinkedIn

how to network on linkedin

With over 155 million members, LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site for professionals.  Its design is different than the better known Facebook and Twitter, though, leaving many people not really knowing how to network on LinkedIn.  Here are some LinkedIn tips for networking effectively in your niche.  

#1 – Optimize Your Profile Using Keywords

If you’re just learning how to network on LinkedIn, the best place to start is at the very beginning, aka, building your profile.  I’m assuming you’ve already completed your profile so that it’s 100% complete.  Just in case, here's an article with LinkedIn tips for profile creation. 

Now it’s time to go back and optimize it using keywords related to your niche. 

Think about each section – title, current position, summary and experience.  To network on LinkedIn well, you need to use keywords that reflect the many ways people search for your particular skills or experience. 

You can’t just stuff the keywords in, though.  A poorly written description will put off many potential connections.  Each section of your profile must be well written, concise, and engaging.  Just like a resume, yours has to stand out. Quality of writing paired with wise keyword use is how to network on LinkedIn most effectively.

#2 – Use LinkedIn Groups to Find Others in Your Niche

The best way to start networking on LinkedIn is to search Groups using keywords in your niche or in the niche of your ideal customer and to join.  Take some time to learn the dynamics of groups by participating as a member.  Then take your experience to the next level and consider starting a group yourself to position yourself as an influencer in your niche.

Taking this even further, here’s how to network on LinkedIn for advanced users.  Read the profiles of your best customers.  Look at what keywords they have in common – and search those keywords to expand your list of connections.  Chances are you just might find some great customers! 

#3 – How to Network on LinkedIn by Answering Questions [UPDATE: LinkedIn Answers was discontinued on January 31, 2013]

More LinkedIn tips on how to network on LinkedIn involve answering questions.  In the menu bar across the top, under the menu for “more” is a link to “Answers.” 

In this section of LinkedIn, members can post a professional question to the LinkedIn community.  You can click on a topic and if you see a question that you can answer or you know someone who can, jump in!  For starters, it’s just good business to provide value In addition, the more useful answers you provide, the more expertise credit you’ll receive.  Answer enough questions well, and you’ll find your answer featured as the expert answer on any given question. 

For many people, knowing how to network on LinkedIn takes more time than on other social networks.  Mastering it can be the beginning to making the business professionals’ platform of choice work for you!  

So, how about you?

How are you currently networking on LinkedIn? What's been most successful for you?

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  1. perfect timing— one of my team members just asked me how she can better utilize her linkedin profile to get clients.  I'll be sharing this with her, many thanks!

    • No prob Heather! Glad they helped.

  2. Great post Edmund!  I love the answers section!  I have made some great connections through that!

  3. Another great post, Edmund. I admit that I don't really use LinkedIn that much. Thanks for sharing this information about its advantage. 
    Lorii Abela recently posted..Going Dutch: Is it the Norm?My Profile

  4. Thanks for a great post, most importantly your simplification of the Linkedin network. LInkedin has always seemed like the 'ugly step-child' when compared to the other, more inviting social networks..but your tips have made it more approachable. Thanks:)

    • Yeah, it can feel like that oftentimes with LinkedIn because it doesn’t have the glitz and glamour that the other networks have. However, it definitely has a lot of useful features!

  5. Thanks for sharing these tips Edmund.  LinkedIn is the platform for me and my business.  Getting involved in LinkedIn groups is key.  It is the best and fastest way to bring visibility, searchability and findability to you and your business.  And as you mention, learning more about other professionals and business owners is a great way to build more connections.
    Anyone just getting on board with LinkedIn or have been on LinkedIn without seeing much results should look at their profile.  Glad you mention how important keywords are for your LinkedIn profile.  Not only having a properly optimized profile will make you easier to find on LinkedIn, but also on the search engines too! 
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Leverage Your Business With The Top Social Network SitesMy Profile

    • Great points you presented here! Looks like you’re making full use of the group critical.

  6. I did not know any of these things.. I'm not a big Linkedin User but I know I should be! These are awesome tips Edmund!.. I would like to feature you next week with a post in my meet the team section on master mind.. send me a e-mail if you would like to!!

    • Of course. Went ahead and PM’ed you.

  7. Thank you for the Linked In tips and strategy, Edmund. Looking forward to implementing these tips for more exposure on the social network I'm not real savvy on.

  8. Thanks Edmund for this post.  Linkedin is on my list to start networking on, but needed some tips to get started.  Thanks for making it easy to understand.

    • No prob. Glad you enjoyed them Susan.

  9. I have tried and had moments of glory but overall, I just cannot get into LinkedIn…great tips, Edmund, that I need to apply! 🙂

  10. Thanks Edmund for those tips.I have just started out as Social Media manager at a firm.This will certainly help.

    • You’re welcome Akbar. Glad that these tips are coming in handy for you =)


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