It’s One of The Fastest Growing Social Media Platforms, But Do You Know How To Do Pinterest?

How to Do Pinterest

Assuming you’ve been alive and breathing for the past few months, you’ve probably heard at least one person mention a new social media platform called Pinterest.  If you don’t yet know how to do Pinterest, this post is for you! 

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do Pinterest that will take you from getting your account and your first pins to a few ways to use it for business. 

#1 – How To Do Pinterest: Terms To Know

Pinterest is described as a virtual pinboard.  It’s like a corkboard in your office where you might post items for inspiration.  The difference is that you can share it with the world, not just the folks who you work with. 

PIN:  A pin is an image added to Pinterest for the first time.  It can be linked from a web page or uploaded from a computer. 

REPIN: After an image is pinned, it can be “re-pinned” by other users on Pinterest.  If it is “re-pinned” a lot, it goes viral.  Re-pinning lets you share something you like with your friends on Pinterest.

BOARD:  All pins are located on boards.  Pinterest creates a few boards for you as defaults; you can change or delete these boards if you wish.  Many people choose to organize boards by theme. 

#2 – How To Do Pinterest: How to Sign Up

Initially Pinterest logins were given out to those who were invited.  More recently though, Pinterest opened up the "Sign Up" process to everyone, allowing people to sign up and create an account directly through the website.  If you haven’t been invited yet or if you're having difficulty with the sign up process, feel free to e-mail me at

#3 – How To Do Pinterest: How to Follow Users

FOLLOW:  When you join Pinterest, you’ll want to begin following users, whose boards and pins will appear on your home page.  You can choose to follow individual boards or all of a user’s boards at once. 

#4 – How To Do Pinterest: Bookmarklet to Pin Images without a “Pin-It” button

More and more websites are including “Pin-It” buttons on their websites to make it easier for people to pin the images to their Pinterest boards.  If you’re on a site without a “Pin-It” button, Pinterest offers a bookmarklet that you can click to add images from sites without such a button. 

#5 – How To Do Pinterest: Price a Product

Pinterest can be a virtual catalog!  Do you have images of products for sale on your Pinterest boards?   Add a dollar sign and the price to the item’s description and it will automatically show up as a banner over the image with the price listed. 

#6 – How To Do Pinterest: Using the Search Bar

Looking for a specific kind of image?  Type the words into the search bar at the top of the screen for the thing you’re looking for.  If it’s inspiration you’re trying to find, searching for a general theme works well too. 

#7 – How To Do Pinterest: Look for the Source

If you do find a pin that catches your eye, take your search a step further and click on the pin itself to find the site it came from.  There’s a good chance you’ll find more images and ideas to inspire you, and you might even find new people or businesses to follow!

#8 – How To Do Pinterest: Collaborate on a Board

If you’re planning an event where several different people might need to contribute images for ideas, Pinterest is your tool!  Click on a board’s edit page and add fellow users as contributors to the board.  You have to be following at least one of each of the other users’ boards to be able to add them as a contributor. 

#9 – How To Do Pinterest: Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?  Pin a You Tube or Vimeo video to a board and it will be embedded within the Pin. 

With these tips on how to do Pinterest, you should be up and pinning in no time at all.  Let’s connect!  Click Pin This and I’ll see you on Pinterest!

Post a comment below – How are you using Pinterest in your business?


  1. Great info Edmund! I need to spend more time on pinterest. Sending this article to a friend too who I know will find this useful

  2. Awesome post Edmund!  Great  Pinterest tips with easy to follow actions items.  I use it to pin contest and share blog information but excited about expanding its use.  I love the visual power of Pinterest!  Thanks for sharing!  

  3. Edmund these are great Tips! You named a few that I had forgot gotten or didn't know at all! I enjoyed talking and Call me any ole time!! I love talking to my Mastermind Crew!!

  4. Thanks for these tips Edmund. There are a few I needed to hear!

  5. Great information. I love pinterest, but I don't think I am using it to its full potential.

  6. Excellent tips, Edmund! I'm one of those that needs to confess to only pinning when I see a Pinterest notification in my FB news feed. I need to get better!

  7. Some great tips, Edmund! 

  8. Thanks Edmund, this is a great start-up list for anyone on Pinterest. I do use Pinterest for business, but not very effectively (yet!). I think I need to spend more time there.  Thanks for the reminder that you can pin videos. This has been on my "to do" list for a long time, but for some reason I haven't pinned any of my videos yet . . .
    Jennifer recently posted..Why Podcast: Is Anyone Still Listening?My Profile

    • Awesome! You’ll like the feature for pinning videos. It adds a different dimension to your account.

  9. Pinterest is GREAT for online retail businesses. Like you said – it can be an online catalog. People can scroll through and you can link it to a buy now page. Though if you're a service-based business, it's really not worth the time or effort to set up a company Pinterest page. I don't see any real benefit.
    Except.. the links on your Pinterest page are "dofollow" links which is great for SEO!
    Pinterest is being used for all sorts of things now which I'm not sure they ever intended it to – but all really cool stuff. Personally, I'm actually using it for a vision board for goal setting for my business & life goals.
    Anyone else doing that?

    • Vision board? I love the idea! That’s a great use of Pinterest as well =)


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