5 Facebook Marketing Strategy Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Social Media Marketing in Minutes a Day

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy Guide for Business Growth

What would it mean for your business to attract high quality, loyal, and eager-to-convert prospects to your business's Facebook Fan Page? If you don't have a Facebook marketing strategy, this might remain a dream instead of your everyday reality.

Is This Your Facebook Marketing Strategy Now?

You sit down at the computer in the morning, clutching your super-grande-mocha coffee cup so tight you wonder if it will shatter in your hand.  You're already behind schedule, and it's a chaotic scene as you frantically try to get your first update published before starting to work your way through your stuffed e-mail inbox. 

If this is you, read on. A Facebook marketing strategy can actually take the stress out of your social media marketing activities and even free up valuable time for you to spend on other, more profitable activities in your business. 

5 Facebook Marketing Strategy Hacks You Can Use Today

#1 – Plan your content

I hate to break it to you,  but throwing together your content on the fly isn't just robbing you of more time than it needs to, but it also makes it more likely your content isn't actually doing you as much good as it could.

Toward the middle or end of the week, plan out and actually schedule your posts for the following week.  Create a mixture of content – some visual, some audiovisual, some text based, etc. Mix it up – people like variety, and your audience is made up of people with a variety of learning styles.

#2 – Encourage dialogue, not monologue

Do you respond in a heartfelt way when your followers and fans respond to your posts?  If not, make it a point to begin today. The back and forth of dialogue is the beginning of audience engagement, one of the key tools and goals for every online marketer.

#3 – Encourage conversations among your fans

True engagement, as mentioned in the last point, is created when your audience isn't just talking with you, but also to each other. One way to do this is to take time to highlight the ways that members of your audience create value for their own audiences. Let your fans and followers get to know each other as individuals.

#4 – Let your personality show

Is it hard to imagine your personality as a marketing strategy on social media?  It's true, though – the most successful companies on Facebook are the ones that have a human touch on their pages. Post like you're talking to your audience, and include some personal posts as well from time to time.

#5 – Use analytics to gauge success

If you don't have a goal and don't take the time to evaluate how close you are to it, how are you going to know if you've been successful in your marketing?  Track your Facebook marketing strategy and its effectiveness by looking at measures of things like your reach, engagement, number of new likes and/or people who have "unliked" your page, conversion rates, and financial return on investment.

What are your favorite Facebook marketing strategies? Leave a comment below!


  1. Great concise Facebook Marketing info.  I always make sure to reach out and connect to anyone who engages on my post.  Often I have a private FB chat and start to build a relationship which leads to trust and often new clients.


    • That’s a great way to approach it Sue.  Sounds like it’s working wonders for you!  =)

  2. My favorite one is "Encourage dialogue, not monologue". You have to talk to people to have a real conversation! Thanks Edmund!

  3. A great post, Edmund. Planning is key. I like your challenge to plan a week in advance. I'll get right on it! 😉

    • Sweet!  =)  I think that’ll help out a lot.

  4. I'd have to agree with Kim … encouraging a real dialogue is so important to do and so easily overlooked when we don't stop to actively think about what we're sharing and how we're sharing it, not to mention when we're sharing it. Planning ahead gives us the opportunity to really schedule some posting at prime times of day. 🙂 

    • Yeah, it really does Katrina.  That point is spot on and when we engage in real dialogue, it makes the world of difference.

  5. Excellent tips here and your right! Its all in the planning and execution!

  6. I love engaging in conversations on social media…seems like never enough time to reach and respond to everyone! Great tips! Thanks!

    • That’s one of my favorite parts about social media … engaging in the conversations.  I think it’s always going to seem like there isn’t quite enough time to reach and respond to everyone, but in times like that, it’s best to just narrow down our focus and set time limits/guidelines to abide by 🙂

  7. Great tips Edmund.   Planning is important but I also like your suggestion to mix it up. Thank you.

  8. I just implemented a FB marketing strategy so I found this article extremely helpful. I know what I did correctly as well what I can improve on. 

  9. Some nice tips!


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