What Do Businesses Using a Twitter Consultant Have That Others Don’t?

What Do Businesses Using a Twitter Consultant Have

Hiring a Twitter consultant to manage your company’s tweets may seem silly.  I mean, they’re just 140-letter messages, right? 

What if I told you that focused Twitter management is a proven strategy to build your bottom line?  That a dedicated Twitter consultant can coach your in-house social media manager how to do Twitter management more effectively and how to increase your overall productivity.  Are you interested yet?

But maybe you think Twitter is just about tweeting your latest product or service offering and watching your sales climb.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.  Mismanage your presence or spam your followers with too many advertisements, and your clients will unfollow you. 

A Twitter consultant with experience and training in managing Twitter effectively can coach you to avoid these pitfalls.  He or she will teach you how to use sophisticated Twitter management techniques as part of a total social media marketing strategy.  Here are three particular strategies a Twitter consultant might suggest to give your business a competitive edge: 

#1 – Track Instant Customer Feedback

Effective Twitter management as part of your social media strategy gives you instant access to what people are saying about your company, your products, or your service.  If a customer has a negative experience with your company’s product or service, chances are she or he will tweet about it.  This gives your company the opportunity to address it transparently in near real time and to express the fact that you are doing so.  

Do you have the time and know-how to maintain this level of engagement?   Without the knowledge of how to create a holistic Twitter management strategy, these moments to leverage customer feedback could slip right by.

#2 – Understand Your Customers Better

Can you believe that those short little tweets can provide you a rich source of links, ideas, resources and tips focused on your niche?  You can engage in conversation with your ideal customers, prospective clients, and others in your industry.  Follow emerging trends and even jump in the conversation yourself!  A Twitter consultant will give you the tools and guidance to find rich sources of online information that will give you the competitive advantage in your field. 

#3 – Become Recognized as a Thought Leader

And if you want to grow your influence in your field, wise Twitter management can help you position yourself as a recognized thought leader in your area of expertise.  For instance, tweeting links to your company’s corporate blog, if it is regularly updated, can greatly extend your platform.  A Twitter consultant can listen to your short and long term vision for your blog and business and help you develop a social media strategy to take you where you want to go. 

Couldn't I do this myself?  Do I really need a Twitter consultant?

Sure, you could decide to learn Twitter management yourself.  But even though access to Twitter itself is free, be prepared for the significant investment of time and money it takes  to really learn the techniques and tools.   On the other hand, you may decide that hiring a professional Twitter consultant who can understand your goals and coach you in a game plan to get you there frees you for other, more profitable revenue generating activities. 

What’s the Biggest Advantage of a Twitter consultant?

Quite simply, the biggest advantage a dedicated Twitter consultant gives your business is that he or she is focused on one task only – giving you the tools to quickly maximize your company’s presence and relationships on Twitter.  Optimizing your management of your company’s hard-earned reputation online is his or her primary concern, not one of many. 

Your Twitter consultant has the experience and knowledge to help you gain intelligence on your competition, engage with your ideal customers and prospects, understand the desires of your ideal demographic, boost traffic to your company website, keep your brand at the forefront of industry conversation and so much more – without the distraction of trying to do it all yourself. 

How are you currently finding and engaging with your ideal customers on Twitter? 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Edmund. It is really important to have a twitter consultant. As for me, I do have a VA that is also very knowledgeable in this areas. Having one is truly a great help.
    Lorii Abela recently posted..Be the Nice Guy Women Can’t ResistMy Profile

  2. Great post Edmund on the benefits of a Twitter consultant.  There are a lot of moving parts that need to be managed.  

  3. You are so right on Edmund. Managing social media is a huge job and having someone to help out with it so you can work on your content is so important. Thanks for sharing this Edmund!

  4. You are so right.  Most people have no clue as to what is involved in managing social media.  Thanks for sharing!

  5. Knowing what to Tweet and when to tweet it are something most people don't know. Having a business partner with that knowledge can be extremely beneficial for business.

    • Completely agree with you on that one Michael. Definitely one of the most overlooked things.

  6. I agree — twitter is free but time is money so you're still paying for it while you learn and it's too easy to make mistakes. There is so much more to it than sending out a short tweet every now and again. You need STRATEGY.

  7. Ah, I definitely need one of these! I think the brevity of Twitter is exactly what makes it get out of hand so easily. Unless you have someone who knows what they are doing to help you, Twitter could literally take up your whole day. You make a great case for having a Twitter consultant. A perfect way to free you up to do other things of importance in your business.
    Jennifer recently posted..HootSuite Adds Google+ Pages for All UsersMy Profile

    • I completely agree. Twitter and other forms of social media can make time FLY! In situations like that, a Twitter Consultant definitely makes sense in order to establish a move forward action plan and strategy.

  8. This is a fascinating post as it clearly details the importance of bringing a dedicated focus to a business. Until now, most of us have seen social media as a 'nice to have'. Not any more 


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