May26 How to Create Viral-Worthy Tweets: 4 Tips You Can Use Now

How to Create Viral-Worthy Tweets: 4 Tips You Can Use Now

    Remember back in elementary school when less was more?  Okay, maybe you didn’t exactly say it like that. But remember when your teacher gave out a writing assignment – maybe an essay or a report – and the first detail everyone wanted to know was, “how long does it have to be?”  Back in those days, less was more, and the shorter the assignment, the better.  Fast forward a few years and along comes Twitter with its measly 140 character limit.   All of a sudden, you’re wishing for something a little longer. Because – how on earth can you actually say anything powerful in just 140 characters?  It turns out, as we’ve discovered over past years, that plenty can be said in 140 characters, and that’s not just because of nifty tools like link shortening tools (though they’re nice too).  1. Viral tweets deal with universal issues In order for a tweet to go viral, it needs to resonate with a lot of people. The best way to do this is to create a tweet that deals with a universal issue. Believe it or not – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a great place start tapping into universal needs. Whether fear of something, lack of something, or the desire for abundance of another thing, connecting with the deepest needs of people can help you find subject matter that will resonate with a whole lot of people.  2. Keep it simple Brevity can be tough, but it’s of… Read More

May06 5 Steps to Get Maximum Marketing Benefit from Twitter’s New Profile Design

5 Steps to Get Maximum Marketing Benefit from Twitter’s New Profile Design

Has your Twitter profile updated to the new look yet? All month long, more and more people have had their Twitter profiles updated to reflect the new look that Twitter is rolling out.  In fact – the new look is now available to everyone.  If you haven’t changed over, you’ll know it’s available to you when you sign into Twitter and notice a pop-up with the headline “Bigger and Better: Check Out Your New Profile.” It’s clear from the more visual design that Twitter has been influenced by how profiles are displayed on other social networks. While the most obvious visual changes include the new profile and cover photos, a number of changes have been made to how information is displayed on the profile page. The overall effect is one that can communicate a world of information about your brand in a much cleaner and clearer way. These changes have made it important to take a critical look at your Twitter profile and update it to put your best face forward. Of course you don’t want to look like you haven’t paid attention to your Twitter profile since the update. Additionally, there are some new features that give brands a few more tools to help communicate with their followers and customers on Twitter. I’m going to go through the things you must look at first in order to use these changes for maximum benefit. The 5 Steps Your Brand Must Take To Benefit from Twitter’s New Profile Appearance 1. Profile Picture… Read More

Feb24 How to Use SEO on Twitter

How to Use SEO on Twitter

How do you optimize Twitter with appropriate keywords so your tweets (and your company) can be found online? In many ways, it’s similar to the way you optimize the rest of your content – with one big difference. But first things first. Let’s talk about search engine optimization (SEO) in general, with some do’s and don’ts. If you’re like many people, your first inclination is to load up your content with keywords that relate to your services and products. That’s looking down the wrong end of the telescope. Always remember that it’s not about you. As great as you, your company and your services and products are, people are rarely searching for those specific things. Otherwise they’d pick up the phone, drop you an email, order online or come by your shop to pick up whatever they need. Fully 76% of people who go online are researching products and services and what they’re looking for are solutions to their problems. Let that drive your choice of keywords for Twitter – and any other type of online content. Know what your prospects want and need, the keywords that address those wants and needs, and the SEO will come. Before you can understand your customers’ pain points, you need to know who your customers are. Pull up a new document on your computer, or get out paper and pen, and describe them. Make them as real in your mind as you possibly can, right down to how often they buy a new… Read More

Feb03 How to Get More Targeted Followers on Twitter

How to Get More Targeted Followers on Twitter

  Growing your audience of targeted followers increases the people in your network who are likely to be interested in your product or service. This should be one of your key daily goals when using Twitter for marketing.   This article could be summed up in a single sentence: Tweet content that’s so amazing people can’t wait to follow you and see what else you offer.   Really, that’s it. People follow people on Twitter because they saw something posted that provided value of some sort to them. It might have been information, it might have been humor, or it might have been inspiration. It might have been a funny picture in the middle of the day; it could have been a link to a how-to video for an important question in your niche. Whatever it was, people saw something that was useful and wanted to make sure that they didn’t miss any other content from that user.   With that said, there are some strategies you can use as you setup your account and as you continue Tweeting great content that can dramatically change whether people choose to follow you’re not. Here’s a list of them.   #1 Complete your profile including a picture Without a complete profile including a quality profile picture, many people simply will not follow you. Not having a picture suggests to many professionals that you are not a professional, and that you’re likely someone who’s going to spam them.   Also, make sure that… Read More

Jan06 Learn What Not to Tweet to Save Your Brand

Learn What Not to Tweet to Save Your Brand

Just as important as knowing what to Tweet is knowing what kind of Tweets will get you in hot water!  This sounds like a reality show, but the fact of the matter is that knowing “what not” to Tweet is just as important as knowing “what to” Tweet. Becoming part of the conversation on Twitter is an important business marketing activity. However, Tweeting carelessly can (at best) fail to promote your brand effectively. Obviously, this does some damage to your return on investment.  And as a worst case scenario, a careless Tweet or lack of Twitter strategy can actually damage perception of your brand – sometimes permanently.  Here are some tips on what not to tweet. 1.    Hashtag Stuffing:   While hashtags can be a great way to include a searchable keyword or two in your Tweet, one or two at most is all you should include in any given Tweet. Any more than that and it looks like you’re desperate for business and typically doesn’t attract people who want to do business with you.  2.    Be thoughtful about your requests for re-Tweets. Do not include the “Please reTweet!” in every Tweet.  It gets old, and it starts to look like you only love your followers for what they can do for you.  3.    Don’t include your own Twitter handle in your Tweets, and especially don’t include it multiple times.   4.    Don’t Tweet while under the influence.  If you wouldn’t deliver any other business correspondence while drunk or otherwise… Read More

Dec16 Why Twitter Matters to Your Brand?

Why Twitter Matters to Your Brand?

  Learning how to use Twitter as effectively as possible in your marketing efforts must include an understanding of how Twitter works and why it matters to your brand. Today’s tip will give you context about why getting Twitter right is absolutely essential for your online marketing. If you dive in haphazardly to a Twitter “strategy” without really getting why Twitter matters, you’ll likely produce content that actually damages your brand reputation or pushes your customers away – or both. Because it’s easy to take a look at this microblogging platform and wonder why or how on earth these 140-character messages could make any difference at all to the way that you market your brand. And as you look at Twitter, you’ll see that some brands appear to use Twitter with that very mindset. It’s a mindset that at best will limit your marketing efforts. At worst, you could actually damage the value of your brand reputation. Remember that a brand is no longer solely owned by the company that creates it. In this day and age, customers have a stake in the reality of what your brand is. One of the ways that customers help to shape your brand and your brand reputation is via social media. And as Twitter is one of the more popular social media platforms, the reality is that these 140 character messages can have a tremendous impact on how your brand is perceived by both your current customers and your prospects. Manage this well,… Read More