Mar25 How To Do Pinterest

How To Do Pinterest

Happy birthday, Pinterest!  Released to the public three years ago this month, Pinterest has grown leaps and bounds over the years. To date, about 70 million people – 80% of them women – use Pinterest. The site gets about 2.6 billion (yes, that’s “billion” with a “b”) page views each month. Interestingly enough, there are only 500,000 business accounts on Pinterest, so if your ideal client is a woman, then Pinterest is definitely something you should consider.  If you haven’t yet taken the Pinterest Plunge, here’s a quick tutorial on setting up your account, creating your first pins, and several tips on how to use it for business.  #1 – How to do Pinterest: First, some terminology  Pinterest is just like a corkboard in your office where you post items for inspiration or fun – except now, you can share it with the world, not just your office mates. Below are some common terms. PIN:  An image added to Pinterest for the first time.  It can be linked from a web page or uploaded from a computer.  REPIN: After an image is pinned, it can be “re-pinned” by other Pinterest users. This is like a Facebook share or a Twitter retweet – if it is “re-pinned” a lot, it goes viral. Re-pinning lets you share something you like with your friends on Pinterest. BOARD:  All pins are located on boards.  Pinterest creates a few boards for you as defaults, but you can change or delete them. Many people choose to organize boards by theme.  #2 – How… Read More

Jul08 How to Optimize Pinterest for Business

How to Optimize Pinterest for Business

Since the beginning of Pinterest for Business, there have been some great new opportunities for businesses who want to use Pinterest as a means of marketing and advertising. Of course businesses were already using Pinterest for marketing before Pinterest released business accounts, but the benefit of Pinterest for business, brands can brand their business on a specialized business oriented account instead of via their personal accounts. Pinterest continues to be one of the most used social media sites and cannot be ignored by any serious business. And really – the marketing possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Finding the right approach for your own brand might take some trial and error, along with a good dose of evaluation on a regular basis, but most businesses will benefit from the following optimization tips. #1 – Get Verified As a Business Account Of course you can't benefit from the business account set up unless you're verified as a business account holder. Simply go to your profile and just follow the directions on Pinterest for Business to get verified.  Then you can add the URL for your website in such a way that it will be clickable by your followers (and having it show up as a hyperlink is only available if you verify your account).  This will seriously add to the legitimacy of your business.  #2 – Get Variety By now you know that the more relevant content you have, in the most ways that it can be presented, the better… Read More

May20 5 Business Pinterest Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Optimizing Your Pinterest Profile

5 Business Pinterest Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Optimizing Your Pinterest Profile

Surprised to see business and Pinterest in the same sentence? Or maybe you know Pinterest can be part of a good social media strategy for business, but you just aren't sure how a virtual pinboard can generate more leads or close sales. Optimizing your Pinterest for business account has a few different ways that it works. There's recognition for one, but it's also a strong SEO tool for your business website as well. (You do have a business website and blog, right?) #1 – Use your Business Pinterest Account for Brand Recognition Images are powerful, and they're a frequently shared kind of content on all social media platforms. Of course Pinterest makes it easy to share visual content with options to "like" and "repin" content that supports your business goals. The best way to increase recognition of your own brand on Pinterest is to post unique content regularly. One way is to create graphics with a tip or quote on them, and make sure your URL is tastefully included as well. By sharing information, humor, or inspiration, you're providing value for a lot of people. And people like receiving value rather than a continuous sales pitch. Also – create a unique graphic to go with each blog post and make sure to pin it with a link back to your site. As your pin is shared, you'll bring more recognition and more traffic to your site. #2 – Use your Business Pinterest Account for Increased Website SEO Though Pinterest links are nofollow,… Read More

Aug06 6 Unconventional (and slightly edgy!) Ways to Use Pinterest For Your Business

6 Unconventional (and slightly edgy!) Ways to Use Pinterest For Your Business

As a picture-based social networking site, Pinterest provides different relationship marketing opportunities than some of the older, more text based social media platforms.  Stumped for ways to leverage Pinterest for business?  Check out this list of 6 unconventional ways to use it in your organization. #1 – Establish Yourself As An Authority If there is a niche you know backwards and forwards, use Pinterest for business by creating pin boards with content from the industry.  Regularly update them with relevant content to help other people solve problems and answer questions related to your niche.  Over time, you will be seen by other followers as an authority in your area of service.  #2 – Create Boards for your Internal Customers Many people talk about using Pinterest for business by serving their external customers.  What about your internal customers?  Is your office moving or getting redesigned?  Create a collaborative pinboard.  Allow all employees to pin images sharing their hopes and vision for the new space.  #3 – Future Product Ideas The picture based format of Pinterest makes it a great forum for getting customer feedback on new products.  If your company is trying to decide between variations of a new product, you might group all of the possible items in a single picture and ask people to leave comments.  Another idea to harness the power of Pinterest for your business is to pin separate pictures of possible new products and track how far and wide the pictures are repinned.  #4 – Vision… Read More

Jul16 How Do I Search On Pinterest?

How Do I Search On Pinterest?

Pinterest is a beautiful thing.  Unless you need to search it. As visual forms of social media go, it really is a thing of beauty – a rich collection of pin boards, updated by people all over the world.  You could find anything there.  As long as you can answer “how do I search on Pinterest?” Like any other search engine, Pinterest cannot “see” the content of the picture in any meaningful way.  Unlike any other search engine, it has no ability to reference the title of a picture to determine its content.  Even if the names of the pictures give specific descriptions, Pinterest doesn’t read file names.  Hence it has no clue that one picture is a lovely wedding dress and the other is a still photo of your garage band.  Pinterest relies on pinners choosing appropriate categories for their pictures, in addition to using the pin description field to tell it what a photo is all about.  There are two main ways to search on Pinterest, and I’ll describe those in a minute.  I’ll also talk about some of the techniques you can use to improve your own descriptions, making your own pins and boards more visible to more people who might be asking, “how do I search on Pinterest?”  At the top left of the Pinterest screen is a text box with a magnifying glass.  This is the search box.  Enter the word you want to search and click the magnifying glass.  Think of variations just in… Read More

Jul09 How to Optimize Your Profile And Get More Pinterest Followers

How to Optimize Your Profile And Get More Pinterest Followers

So you’ve gotten your Pinterest profile set up, you’ve started a bunch of boards, and you’re happily pinning away.  Maybe you’ve even built up a sizeable following.  But have you ever stopped to wonder if there’s a more strategic way to use Pinterest?  The answer is yes.  The power of this highly addictive social media phenomenon can be leveraged.  You can increase social referrals, create additional revenue, and even raise your search ranking with a few key tips.  Optimize Pinterest Profile – “About” This is the first place people read more about you and your brand.  Make sure to be engaging.  Describe your reason for being on Pinterest, but  be sure to choose keywords that your target customer might use in searching for the product or service you provide.  If you want to get more Pinterest followers, you should know that your customers’ ability to find you by using the search window is only as good as the accuracy of your keywords.  Optimize your Pinterest Profile – Social Linking Linking your Pinterest profile to your other social profiles is a natural way to allow followers to experience more of what your brand offers.  It also is a great way to increase your quality and quantity of interaction on your other social media profiles and ultimately get more Pinterest followers.    Optimize Pinterest Pin Board Titles Pinterest sets a variety of pin board titles as defaults.  To get more Pinterest followers in your field of business, be sure to edit these… Read More