Jul28 How to Use LinkedIn Apps to Build A Stronger Network (Even if You Actually Hate Networking!)

How to Use LinkedIn Apps to Build A Stronger Network (Even if You Actually Hate Networking!)

One of the hottest buzz words during the past few years has been relationship marketing. It’s with good reason, I think. Everything a brand does on social media should be about providing value to the people they’re in relationships with. In turn, those relationships will be strengthened, and most times, sales will go up as a result.  With LinkedIn apps, starting with the newly revised LinkedIn Connected app, you have some pretty robust tools at your fingertips to help you do just that.  LinkedIn Connected replaces their LinkedIn Contacts app. In my mind, it takes LinkedIn Contacts one step further by helping you remember the relevant details about your connections, how you met, and other personal details – at exactly the right time that you might need them.  How LinkedIn Connected Is Different The new LinkedIn Connected app takes some of the update moments from LinkedIn a step further. When you start the app (and every day if you choose), you’ll get a list of updates that are targeted specifically to include the most important updates from your network (work anniversaries, new jobs, career milestones, etc.) to make it easy for you to send an appropriate note. This way you can keep your network engaged and connected with far less effort than ever before.  But besides including the highlights of important updates or changes, LinkedIn Connected will include information about your contact at your fingertips when giving you the updates.   So without any extra work, you can see where… Read More

Jun30 How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Impact Using New Custom Backgrounds

How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Impact Using New Custom Backgrounds

I’ve been posting a lot lately about LinkedIn, but I think it’s safe to say that this social platform that has historically been seen as more challenging to use is trying to breathe new life into their reputation.  You know that one of the best ways to improve your own brand’s visual impact is to include visuals in your branding. LinkedIn has made this easier for brands to achieve by adding an area for a custom background to user profiles, along with increasing the size of the profile picture.  LinkedIn Custom Background Dimensions The LinkedIn custom background is a large cover image like you’d see on Facebook or Twitter. Specifically, the dimensions of the new custom background are 1400 x 425 pixels, with  the larger profile picture size being 400 x 400 pixels.  The new LinkedIn custom background will be made available to all users, though Premium users are getting it rolled out to their profiles first.  Another bonus for Premium users is that they’ll have access to a gallery of images to choose from, while free users will need to create their own or stick with the blue gradient default background.  Is the Premium Service Worth It? Clearly, LinkedIn is using this as one way to try to add value to the Premium experience. One difference you’ll notice if you’re a free user is that when you view a Premium user’s profile, the top will have a dark gray bar across the top that recommends upgrading to be able… Read More

Jun16 The LinkedIn Mistake That Makes You Look Dumb

The LinkedIn Mistake That Makes You Look Dumb

One of your most powerful ways to connect with people on LinkedIn could easily be your undoing if you’re not doing this one thing. It’s simple, really. But it’s surprising how many people overlook this (and look dumb in the process).  I’m talking about sending personal messages on LinkedIn. And if you’re not taking the time to actually personalize the messages you send, you’re seriously missing out on a powerful opportunity to stand out from the crowd in your niche. I’ll give you some hints for good ways to personalize your messages, but for now, let’s talk about why this isn’t your best approach for networking.  It Just Looks Bad In the early days of email auto responders, it was novel to receive an email from a marketer that was personalized with your first name. These days, we’re often quite jaded about that, and there are some professionals who think that asking for a first name on an opt-in form can actually hurt your conversion rates.  But in those early days, it was a personal touch that could easily make one marketer stand out from another.  Anyone who has been on LinkedIn for any length of time knows that it’s no big deal to personalize your LinkedIn Messages. So when you don’t, it makes it appear painfully obvious that you don’t actually care about your prospects and customers as individuals. Maybe that’s not true, but appearances are everything.  First Impressions Matter When you send an Invitation to Connect in LinkedIn,… Read More

Jun04 3 Reasons You Should Consider Adding LinkedIn Publishing to Your Content Marketing Mix

3 Reasons You Should Consider Adding LinkedIn Publishing to Your Content Marketing Mix

I know, I know.  I’m telling you about one more thing you should do, and you’re already feeling stretched to the limit as it is. But if LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms that makes sense for your business, you should definitely share long form content via LinkedIn Publishing as part of your content marketing plan. What is LinkedIn Publishing In the fall of 2012, LinkedIn began adding long-form content (think articles and blog posts) by well-known business leaders such as Sir Richard Branson and Martha Stewart, to name a couple. The feature was known as LinkedIn Influencers, and it was a huge hit! On average, each post by LinkedIn Influencers drove over 30,000 views and received over 250 likes and 80 shares, according to LinkedIn. As a result of this success, LinkedIn is expanding access to the ability to publish long form content. Not only are they increasing the number of Influencers, but they’re also rolling out this capability to all users in the form of LinkedIn Publishing.  It’s a phased roll out, so most users will need to sign up on the waiting list to receive access to LinkedIn Publishing. What Can LinkedIn Publishing Do For You? 1.       LinkedIn Publishing posts are added to your profile Looking for a low-cost way to have your profile stand out from others in your niche? Take the time to create well-crafted content as a LinkedIn. Face it – it’s likely that a lot of people won’t take the time… Read More

May19 Do You Make These 5 Mistakes on LinkedIn?

Do You Make These 5 Mistakes on LinkedIn?

This professional business social media network has grown in size and significance. If you don’t know what you’re doing with LinkedIn, you could be seriously limiting your career options.   Are you making these common LinkedIn mistakes? Your profile is covered with dust so thick, you could write in it Even though they’ve made great strides in being user-friendly, I get that LinkedIn isn’t the easiest social network to use. But there is an important truth about every social media network. If you’re going to go to the trouble to set up an account, at the very least, you’ve got to keep your profile complete.  Keeping it complete and optimized is even better.  Because if someone finds your profile and it looks out of date, that’s just like having them walk into your store and seeing that all your merchandise is covered in a thick layer of dust. It’s not exactly the first (or second or third) impression that you want to make. If you’ve only set up a LinkedIn profile because somebody told you that you should (they’re right), take time now to go over some of the things that make a great LinkedIn profile (click here for an article that talks about LinkedIn Profiles in more detail). You’ve had a brain lapse and forgotten that LinkedIn is a professional network It should go without saying that LinkedIn is a professional network and anything you post (photos, updates, and links) should reflect the image you want to portray to… Read More

Apr28 Trusting This Best LinkedIn Profile Could Cost You Your Next Big Client

Trusting This Best LinkedIn Profile Could Cost You Your Next Big Client

Warning:  If You Believe This Trusted Magazine, You Can Kiss Your Next Job Offer Goodbye You know, once upon a time, I wasn’t the biggest fan of social media. Sure, I understood what a great tool it could be to share your message and vision with like-minded people. But I’ll admit that it took me a while to really appreciate it in its own right. I think that change has come about as I have seen more people and organizations learn how to use social media for good. When you see this form of communication being used to empower, instruct, and just change lives, it’s hard not to be amazed by the power that social media truly has. Other moments that stop me in my tracks. And I don’t mean in a good way. Not too long ago, I came across a Time Magazine article with the title Behold: The Best LinkedIn Profile Of All Time. It caught my attention – I’ve invested considerable time and resources in learning and staying up to date with the best uses of LinkedIn for marketing. So if Time Magazine says this profile is the best, I definitely wanted to take a look. To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for Shaquille O’Neal, his athletic abilities, and his business sense. But I think Time Magazine has done a grave disservice to its readers by publishing an article calling it the best profile without… Read More