Jul01 Instagram Video: Your Brand’s 15 Seconds of Fame

Instagram Video: Your Brand’s 15 Seconds of Fame

Once upon a time, Andy Warhol declared that in the future, everyone would have 15 minutes of fame.  Well, I'm not sure about 15 minutes, but Instagram seems to have figured out a way for anyone to increase their brand's exposure, 15 seconds at a time. In case you missed it, Instagram has added videos to its offerings (called Video, perfectly enough).  And in true Instagram style, once you've taken your video, you can then apply one of their filters to give it an artistic, professional appearance.  You can also splice several segments and use a stabilizer to smooth out any shakiness.  And in a pretty cool move, you even get control over which frame from your video becomes its cover image on Instagram. This is fantastic news for brands of all sizes.  Without adding a whole new platform to master and schedule(*whew* and thank you, Instagram!), it adds some pretty impressive new marketing tools to the toolboxes of social media marketers.  How can you use Instagram to leverage your brand's 15 seconds of fame most effectively? #1 – Use a hashtag A hashtag is a way to tag your content so people looking for that kind of content can find it more easily. For example, a keyword that is only a word long could be a great hashtag.  You could ask your followers to post images related to your product or service and to mark them with a hashtag to keep them all together.  You might even make a… Read More