May12 How to Revive Your Nearly Dead Google Plus

How to Revive Your Nearly Dead Google Plus

Does Your Google Plus Account Need to Be Resuscitated?  The head of Google Plus has recently left the company, but declaring the death of this social network is premature at best. At worst, overlooking Google Plus could leave your Google search rankings gasping for breath. It’s Not Dead Yet By Google’s last count in October 2013, there were 540 million active monthly users of Google plus with 300 million monthly users active in the stream. While it’s still not at the level of Facebook or Twitter, those numbers don’t exactly indicate that Google Plus is a ghost town. The number of images uploaded weekly to Google Plus was approximately 1.5 billion photos per week at last count. Those are an awful lot of pictures for a service that “nobody” is using. From my perspective, having fewer user accounts on Google Plus has actually been one of its strengths. Google Plus tends to have fewer fake profiles than either Facebook or Twitter. This means that as you network with others and fill your circles, you’re more likely to form higher quality connections with the people you meet on Google Plus. Why a Dead Google Plus Account Is A Bad Thing If you started a Google Plus account a long time ago and you haven’t updated it much since, here’s what that tells your customers and prospects. You either don’t have anything to say (meaning you lack knowledge and experience and they should go to someone else), you don’t have anything to… Read More

Mar31 How to Use Google Plus Post Ads For Massive Business Growth

How to Use Google Plus Post Ads For Massive Business Growth

How to Use Google +Post Ads To Boost Your Engagement and Amplify Your Reach What if I told you that something is coming that allows you to essentially turn the entire web into your social media platform. It’s seamless with what you’re already doing on social media.  And it’s designed not just to shout at your audience but to foster better engagement with them within a context of providing value.  Sounds like a great idea, and this is exactly what Google is rolling out (right now in beta form) with Google +Post ads.  Now before you start worrying that Google+ is taking a cue from the highly monetized blue network that frustrates marketers every time they change, I don’t think that’s what’s happening here.  Sure it’s a form of monetizing Google+. But from my perspective, they’ve done it in a way that helps you use your content to provide value to an even wider audience.   Here’s what you want to know about Google +Post Ads Announced (quietly) in December 2013, here’s how Google+ Product Manager Eran Arkin described Google +Post Ads: “+Post ads allow a brand to take a piece of their public Google+ content, like a photo, video or even a Hangout, and with a few clicks, turn it into a display ad that can run across the more than 2 million sites in the Google Display Network. This lets brands think of the entire web as their social stream. Bringing together the sharing capabilities of Google+ and the… Read More

Jun24 How to Use Google Plus as your Networking Secret Weapon

How to Use Google Plus as your Networking Secret Weapon

One of the top social media networks (second only to Facebook!), Google Plus is a networking powerhouse for businesses!  For many, Google Plus is seen as more serious than Facebook but friendlier and easier to use than the other business oriented platform, aka LinkedIn. The importance of reaching your customers and your key connections via a variety of social media platforms (as well as your website and email) was illustrated earlier this year when the Pew Research Center released results of a study on social media usage. The surprising finding in their study was that more than half of Facebook members in the US reported having taken breaks from this popular social platform.  While it might be the most popular platform, it's the one people are most likely to get frustrated with when it changes. Clearly, having all of your social media eggs in one platform's basket is a recipe for disaster!  Making sure you're using Google Plus for networking and reaching your ideal customer can help you weather changes in social media usage patterns. If you're not familiar with how to use Google Plus for networking, let me help you get familiar with the various ways you can use this key social media platform to connect with thought leaders in your industry and boost your own reputation at the same time. How to Use Google Plus As Your Networking Secret Weapon #1 – Complete Your Profile It's first on the list for a reason – it's one of the… Read More

Apr29 SEO and Google Search: How Safe is Your SEO From Google?

SEO and Google Search: How Safe is Your SEO From Google?

You're probably wondering what I mean by the question. After all, don't we normally think of SEO as something that we do to help our Google rankings – how can Google be a threat, right? If you aren't familiar with how Google works, however, you may not realize that your carefully learned and applied SEO techniques could actually be for nothing if Google performs one of its many updates to its search algorithms.  You could be optimizing your website and posts for one scenario, only to have Google flip a switch and make that very strategy harmful to your placement in search results. SEO and Google Search: The Basics Here's what you need to know about how Google Search works in order to understand its impact on your techniques for SEO on your website. SEO (search engine optimization) is made up of all of the things you can do to improve how your article ranks on a Google search.  The simplest way to understand it is by thinking about how you search Google. You typically don't just look for a term – you ask a question of Google. You might type, "how do I get more followers on Twitter," or you might search for "how to improve your search engine ranking" or similar questions.  The process of optimizing your site and articles for search means that you take the time to figure out what keyword, phrase, or question is the main focus of your article. You're trying to determine what search… Read More

Feb18 How to Build A Google+ Community

How to Build A Google+ Community

In my last post I talked about how much fun I've started to have with Google+ ever since I started my own Google+ community.  Yes, I said it's FUN!  Social media has always been intended to be a place for the lighter side of life, and Google+ is no exception. As Google+ started, however, it wasn't exactly user friendly.  So many people wrote it off as being so "clunky" it wasn't worth their time.  With the rise of Communities, things have changed, and the extent to which it's growing suggests that to overlook Google+ is a very short sighted mistake! But I know that just telling you how great it is to have a Google+ community might not be enough.  So I wanted to give you a step by step guide to creating a Google+ community and inviting people to join.  Why Build a Google+ Community? There are a number of reasons to be part of a Google+ community such as the opportunity to network in your niche, staying up to date on developments in your field, and boosting your search engine optimization for your website. And if you build a Google+ Community, you gain additional benefits!  One of the strongest reasons for building your own Google+ community is that by leading a Community, rather than just being a member, you gain a level of credibility as a thought leader in your particular niche or business.  Not bad, right?    How to Build a Google+ Community The mechanics of building… Read More

Feb11 Why Google+ Communities Should be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Why Google+ Communities Should be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

  I have to admit something to you.  When Google+ launched communities, I honestly had no desire to check them out.  Surprised?  I know, I know – those of us who do social media are supposed to be the people championing all of the new services, new features, and new changes, aren't we?  But sometimes, even I get a bit jaded and tired of the changes all of the time, especially when I'm not sure at first how something is going to benefit me or my clients.  That's how I was with Google+ initially.  I had my page and my profile, and I was searching for people to follow and sorting them into Circles. But honestly – I was doing it because it's Google, and I knew it's something I "should" do, even if it doesn't seem that useful or interesting yet.  As Google+ Communities launched, it seemed a bit more interesting, and I even got invited to a few to begin with, and that helped me enjoy it a bit more. So I began to get more involved, spent some time interacting and engaging, and little by little, something started to happen. Once I got over my initial hesitation, my thoughts and feelings about them changed, and I have to tell you – I love them! I even took the step of starting my own Google+ Community (more on that in a bit). You might be thinking, "Well, that's great, but what does that have to do with me?" … Read More