5 Business Pinterest Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Optimizing Your Pinterest Profile

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Surprised to see business and Pinterest in the same sentence? Or maybe you know Pinterest can be part of a good social media strategy for business, but you just aren't sure how a virtual pinboard can generate more leads or close sales.

Optimizing your Pinterest for business account has a few different ways that it works. There's recognition for one, but it's also a strong SEO tool for your business website as well. (You do have a business website and blog, right?)

#1 – Use your Business Pinterest Account for Brand Recognition

Images are powerful, and they're a frequently shared kind of content on all social media platforms. Of course Pinterest makes it easy to share visual content with options to "like" and "repin" content that supports your business goals.

The best way to increase recognition of your own brand on Pinterest is to post unique content regularly. One way is to create graphics with a tip or quote on them, and make sure your URL is tastefully included as well. By sharing information, humor, or inspiration, you're providing value for a lot of people. And people like receiving value rather than a continuous sales pitch.

Also – create a unique graphic to go with each blog post and make sure to pin it with a link back to your site. As your pin is shared, you'll bring more recognition and more traffic to your site.

#2 – Use your Business Pinterest Account for Increased Website SEO

Though Pinterest links are nofollow, meaning they don't directly give you increased SEO power, certainly having multiple links to your content and your site that people can use is a great way to increase your traffic naturally.

In terms of search – don't forget that Pinterest itself is a search engine. Every time you pin, make sure your pins are searchable by keywords related to your business. Long-tail keywords with natural search language are especially strong. If your business has a physical location in a specific geographic place, consider making sure your pins all have your location, who is likely to be interested in it ("men," "women," "teens," "business owners," etc.) and what it is or what it does ("for the home," "business tools," etc.).

#3 – Create eye-catching covers for each board

From time to time, look at your collection of boards to make sure that each board features a cover that is truly eye catching. This is a visual platform, and using it well demands that you make sure your content looks great. Nothing will damage your reputation more than having visual content of poor quality on a platform that is highly visual – you will brand yourself as an amateur in the eyes of your followers.

#4 – Create keyword-rich (not stuffed) descriptions for pins and boards

I listed this within the SEO tips, but it's important enough to give attention all by itself. Make sure your boards and pins have descriptions that include a keyword or two related to your niche. Hashtags are especially useful for this, but don't overuse them in your descriptions.

#5 – Make sure images on your site have good "ALT-" and "Description-" text

Some pinners are lazy. They'll pin an image from your site, but they won't bother to change any of the information about the pin. This means that whatever you have included as the image's alt- and description tags will be pulled into Pinterest as well.  Make this work in your favor by including keyword-rich information here as well. 

What's your favorite hack for making Pinterest a better tool for marketing your business? Leave a comment below!


  1. Awesome tips! 

    My favorite tool for changing images and including good CTA's is PicMonkey.com Free, Easy and Awesome.  

    Do you know if its possible to change your Pinterest Busienss Name?

  2. Good stuff, as always, Edmund. Thanks for posting this. 

  3. Great tips as always, Edmund! "Pinning" for my followers and will definitely implement some of these! Thanks!

  4. There's huge SEO value in boards and pinest themselves! I just noticed one the other day.. the name of the boards themselves! I used a search term as the name of a board and then saw the board it self in search! New one on me! πŸ˜‰

    Elizabeth Maness recently posted..Post Ideas for Bloggers that Can Double TrafficMy Profile

  5. Love this tip "The truth is, you attract everything that you think about constantly; therefore, unless your thoughts are congruent with your words (or affirmations) there is a big chance you could end up not getting what you want."

  6. Oh my! I am so bookmarking this! I need help for sure πŸ™‚

  7. Excellent! I have been playing with my board covers lately! Seems to bring new attention! Thanks!

  8. Pinterest is huge in my industry and these are great tips. I love it! Thanks Edmund. PS I love your graphics πŸ™‚

  9. Great tips! I have to admit I tend to neglect Pinterest but now you have given me some ideas as to what I can do. Thanks 

  10. Great Tips Edmund! thanks for posting! I need to apply must of them! πŸ™‚


  11. Thank you good article 


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