The 5 Best Twitter Tools You Must Use NOW!

Best Twitter Tools

Can you believe that there are over 100 (decent) Twitter tools out there?  Some estimates put the number of total Twitter tools, both those of great and dubious quality, at over 10,000. 

For a platform that allows posts of only 140 characters at a time, it’s amazing that there are so many programs to manage it best!  Twitter tools are essential to managing your experience on Twitter efficiently and effectively. 

With so many choices, finding the best Twitter tools can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

One way to sort through all of the options and find the best Twitter tools for your business is to group them by category.   Examine the various programs by function and see which ones will serve your needs the best. 

Twitter tools can be grouped into categories according to their purpose:

  • Tools that help you automate your Twitter updates
  • Tools to help you grow your list of followers
  • Tools that help you monitor and analyze the success of your Twitter strategy. 
  • Tools to help your profile match your overall brand strategy

Looking at tools in these categories, here are 5 of the best Twitter tools you should be using:

#1 – Best Twitter Tools for Automation

You want to engage your customers all day, but you’ve got other things to do besides sit in front of your computer sending out tweets on an hourly basis.  Automation tools such as Hoot Suite allow you to schedule your tweets (and updates on other social media platforms) in advance to maintain regular interaction with your followers throughout the day.  Hoot Suite also supports Twitter lists, allowing you to organize your followers for maximum efficiency and value.

#2 – Best Twitter Tools for Growing Your List

Ever think it’d be useful to connect with others in your niche on Twitter?  Self-described as the “yellow pages of Twitter,” Twellow does just that.  Search by user if you’d like, otherwise search by keyword related to your niche.  Create your own profile, and you’ve increased your own chances of being found by others in your niche.  Twitter is all about connecting to people in your field, and Twellow is one of the best Twitter tools for finding and making those connections.

#3 – Best Twitter Tools for Analyzing your Impact

At some point you’re going to want to know what your return is for this investment of your time and resources.  One of the best Twitter tools for examining your reach and influence on Twitter (and other social media platforms) is Klout.  Whenever you deliver content on a social network, you influence others.  Using information from social networks, Klout measures your influence via three factors.  These include what they call your true reach (how many people you influence), amplification (how much you influence them), and network impact (the influence of your network).  All together, these create a score on Klout – the higher your score, the more significant your influence. 

#4 – Best Twitter Tools for Maximizing Your Overall Twitter Success

Profile Customization

It seems too simple to be worth mentioning.  But you wouldn’t believe how often people don’t take the time to fill out a profile completely and strategically on Twitter.  People want to connect with real people – not empty profiles with just a generic “egghead” picture. 

For added impact, consult with a web designer to create a custom branded profile.  This gives your audience a seamless experience when interacting with your brand in person, on your website, or via your social networks.

#5 – You!

Surprise!  Social networks are, well, social!  No matter how fantastic your Twitter background, how many times you tweet or how high your influence score might be, a list of the best Twitter tools would be incomplete without mentioning how important you are to the equation.  On social media, people want to connect with real people, even when connecting to their favorite brands.  Most importantly, your audience is made up of people who want to feel important.  People who want to believe that you are interested in them. 

Taking the time to find the best Twitter tools for your specific needs can help you become as efficient as possible in your Twitter management, giving you time to engage more consistently and more authentically with your followers. 

I'd love to get your feedback – what are your favorite Twitter tools?  Post a comment below!

For more suggestions on how to maximize your experience with Twitter and reach your audience, feel free to check out my free guide on 13 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers.


  1. Thanks for these 5 Great Twitter Tools. I love #5. It is all about building relationships.

  2. Thank you for teaching me about Twello – I will check this out ASAP. I do want to connect with others in my niche of hot yoga and have them connect with me – and this seems like a wonderful streamlined way to find them and have them find me

    • Definitely. I think you’ll enjoy Twellow and find it useful.

  3. Oh my gosh, so many great tips I can't keep up!  Thank you!

  4. Great post.  Love all these great tips. Going to save & print for future reference!!  Thanks!

  5. I really like my hoote suite and tweet adder.. Buffer is nice to use also ! I love how you can see your metrics on hoote suite.

    • Yeah, same here. Hootsuite is one of my favorites in terms of management and metrics.

  6. I am always amazed at the tools available! They make what is already fun even better! Thanks for the great information!

  7. Excellent point, Edmund.  I particularly love #5.  It is amazing how many people forget this.  🙂

  8. Edmund!  What great tools to use on Twitter!  You always provide so many great tips.  Thanks for providing these awesome tools that will assist in working more efficiently!  

  9. Great tools! Klout is definitely a great barometer for measuring Twitter impact, agreed. Thanks for the post!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Sara. Tools are DEFINITELY here to help us!

  10. Great tools to use. Another one of my favorites is Buffer App.

  11. With reference to point 5, is it better to have account in my own name or business name to increase engagement?

    • It’s a matter of preference depending on how you want to brand yourself. There’s benefits to both.  If you enjoy building a personal connection and utiliing your own personal brand, I would go with YOU.


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