About Me

Who is Edmund Lee?

Edmund Lee is an author, entrepreneur, social media strategist, and speaker who has studied with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. An entrepreneur with wisdom and vision, he specializes in working with companies to transform their branding and use social media marketing to create extraordinary companies that generate profits. Edmund is passionate about the reality that in order for a business to truly flourish, it must touch the lives of its four primary influencers (customers, employees, vendors, and investors) in a deep and truly meaningful way.

Additionally, Edmund is one of a select few of individuals chosen by Michael E. Gerber to facilitate The Dreaming Room, an Entrepreneurial Incubator that leads people through the creation of a successful business. Aside from teaching and educating others on how to effectively utilize Social Media in their businesses, Edmund loves to transform the lives of individuals through his emphasis on awakening the entrepreneurial spirit and creating businesses that are rooted in profound purpose.

Social Media Strategist

Online Marketing & Branding Consultant

Michael E. Gerber Dreaming Room Facilitator

Author & Speaker

Edmund S. Lee


My Dream, Vision, Purpose, & Mission

To inspire people worldwide to reach their full human potential.

To create the McDonald’s of Small Business Consulting to inspire, educate, and empower the unemployed, the underemployed, self employed, and small business owner worldwide.

That every person leaves a legacy before the end of their life.

To invent the system through which every individual can transform their lives regardless of their current situation.

How to Connect with Edmund?

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