Sep08 The Surprising Reason No One’s Buying Your Product or Service

The Surprising Reason No One’s Buying Your Product or Service

Are you trying to convince people to buy your product or service by listing its features and benefits?  If so, there’s a good chance that this is exactly the reason that your content isn’t converting your visitors into buyers of your products and services.  Now – I know that sounds wrong, but let me explain.  The Reason You Should Never Simply List Your Product’s Features You’ve got this nifty new widget or widget service and you just know that if you give your prospect enough information about it, they’ll certainly want to buy it right now.  There’s just one problem with that assumption.  Very few people buy due to logic.  I’m serious!  Believe it or not, people (men and women) make their buying decisions primarily from an emotional standpoint, and then use logic to justify their buying decision.  Can you see the difference?  A list of features and benefits, while logical and thorough, doesn’t tap into the real thing that people are trying to buy from you. And that leads me to my next point.  Your Customers Aren’t Actually Interested In Buying Your Product I know – I’m starting to sound like this is a whole blog post full of contradictions! But your audience isn’t actually coming to you to find a product or a service.  They’re really interested in solving a problem. Curing some kind of “pain,” whether literal or metaphorical.  They’re coming to you so they can buy an end to their pain.  The sooner you realize this,… Read More

Sep01 How Not to Overpay For Your Photographs On Your Website

How Not to Overpay For Your Photographs On Your Website

True or false:  Photographs that you find online without copyright attribution are free to use on your website, provided you credit the website where you found them.  If you answered “false,” you’re in need of some Copyright 101 education so you don’t get stuck overpaying for your website photos too.  What Do I Mean By Overpaying For Stock Photos? To put it into some perspective, would you pay $4000 for a $10 photo?  I can just about see you now, looking at me as if I were crazy. Of course you wouldn’t, you think.  Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you’re grabbing images from sources like Google images and throwing them up on your website, you’re likely infringing on someone’s copyright. That means you’re just waiting to have a lawyer send you a rather nasty “cease and desist” letter with terms of repayment for your violation of copyright law.  And this is how you end up paying $4000 or more for even an innocent misuse of someone else’s images.  Why This Shouldn’t Stop You From Using Images Now – before you decide to swear off using images on your website all together, let me remind you of some of the important reasons you want to use images correctly on your website.  90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual – and visual information is transmitted 60,000 times faster than text (source:  Images are just ready to be shared via social media and generate more… Read More

Aug11 How to Respond to Online Criticism While Still Boosting Your Brand

How to Respond to Online Criticism While Still Boosting Your Brand

Did you hear the story about the hotel that fined its guests for negative Yelp reviews? You heard that right. A boutique hotel in New York actually included a clause in its wedding booking policies that stated that a fine of $500 would be withheld from clients’ deposits if their guests posted negative reviews on  Now, since then, the hotel has claimed it was a tongue-in-cheek jab at those who post negative reviews, especially when the reviews pertain to expecting an ultra modern hotel experience from a one-of-a-kind historic building. But in all honesty, it looked like a thinly veiled attempt to threaten people into not leaving honest reviews on Yelp about the hotel’s less than stellar customer service. They’ve since deleted the policy from their website. But I think it’s a great reason to talk about how social media (including negative customer reviews) can be used to enhance your customers’ experiences and help you deliver legendary customer service. How Social Media Can Help You Deliver A Top-Notch Customer Experience 1. Actively monitor and respond to feedback – If you aren’t monitoring feedback on your Facebook page or Twitter streams, for example, two things can happen. If you’re receiving great feedback, you run the risk of appearing aloof and isolated.  On the other hand, if you’re receiving negative feedback and you don’t respond, you look downright disinterested in your customers’ experiences with your brand. Either way, you’re damaging the image of your brand. 2. Don’t squash negative feedback –… Read More

Aug04 How to Use Your Social Media Platforms To Do Good

How to Use Your Social Media Platforms To Do Good

I’m a big fan of using social media in ways that promote your brand by providing great value and service to your customers and prospects.  But I have to say – I’m an even bigger fan of using your social media presence to help you fulfill your mission in the world.  And when you’re willing to be creative and dig deep to discover what really matters to you, amazing things can happen. I saw a story this week about a French supermarket that decided to tackle a common problem that most people have no idea even exists.  It’s the problem of food waste.  Have you ever noticed when you go to the store that the fruits and vegetables all look the same?  Well – they don’t really all look the same coming off the plant, and the ones that look ugly are usually thrown away.  Yep – even in places where there are people going hungry and other people can’t afford fresh produce, so-called ugly fruits and veggies get tossed out for the simple fact that it’s believed no one would buy them.  The third largest supermarket chain in France, Intermarche, decided to buy the ugly produce and feature it in their stores, either as is or in soups and juices, where something like a carrot’s strange appearance doesn’t make a bit of difference.  They gave the produce a hefty discount and used social media to publicize the campaign.  The results were impressive.  Average store sales were over 1 ton… Read More

Jul16 Top 7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid

Several years ago, just getting businesses (small and large alike) to realize they needed to be on social media was a challenge. Today, some reports suggest that over 90% of business have a presence on social media. I think that’s great! While many people think a brand would be on social media only for marketing, marketers and brands alike have often recognized the outstanding potential that social media offers for education, corporate philanthropy, and customer service – in addition to standard brand awareness or marketing techniques.  As brands’ use of social media grows, there are more examples to evaluate, both good and bad. Here’s a list of the top 7 social media marketing mistakes you want to avoid as you build your brand’s presence via social media marketing. 1. Tweeting, Posting, and Pinning Without A Strategy Hands down, this is the easiest way to waste time and money on social media marketing. Without a strategy, you might be posting, tweeting and pinning up a storm – without a way of knowing if you’re successful or not. A strategy for social media marketing involves clear, measurable goals so you can evaluate if you’re successful or not and adjust your social media activities accordingly if the results aren’t what you want. In a way – all of the items that follow are different things that can happen when you aren’t using social media strategically, so keep reading.  2. Not understanding the investments required So social media doesn’t cost, at least in terms… Read More

Jun23 How to Improve Your Social Media Presence and Have More Free Time Too

How to Improve Your Social Media Presence and Have More Free Time Too

One of the things that I hear people talking about all the time is that they don’t have as much free time as they would like. I hear it even more often when Facebook or Google Plus announce changes. It seems that the learning curve of new changes on top of an already full plate of social media activity is just overwhelming.  But then you come across others who will roll their eyes just like everyone else when Facebook changes yet again – but then they roll up their sleeves and find a way to deal with those changes without losing a ton of productivity in the meantime.  What’s their secret? Are they just smarter than everyone else?  What separates the social media powerhouses from people who struggle to just keep up?  Systems.   In most cases, people who leverage social media most effectively use systems well to streamline their online presence. And you can learn how to harness this powerful tool as well. In fact, with a small investment of time up front, you can create systems that that work specifically for you and make this part of marketing your business well much more efficient and fun.   How to Develop Social Media Systems that Work For You Determine Which Social Media Platforms You Really Need to Be On In so many articles about social media systems, people want to jump to a list of automation or curation tools before anything else.  I think they’re missing a step.  Discovering… Read More